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Die Hard THX Laserdisc
I still swear the audio track on the laserdisc outshines the BLU currently available.

Theres just something missing in the mids when John is pounding poor Karl's head near the end.

Or when Hanz dry fires John's baretta, the bass units in my speakers used to almost jump out on the LD version.

Cracking mix and sorely missed.

Can someone please magic this with the BLU video quality.
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Does anyone here have this laserdisc?
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There might be someone here that does, if not it can be had pretty cheap.

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I think I know a guy too and I think that guy is me Smile

I have both the original widescreen ld. That's the one that disclord (rip) said contain the original dolby stereo tracks and the thx ld that has the ac3 tracks mixed from the 70mm. Well supposably. Never compared them and that's going off disclord's extensive knowledge

I can only capture PCM at the moment. I did have a way to cap ac3 but it's stored away at the moment
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Yeah, that's the guy Wink

So you have this correct?

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(2015-08-31, 06:45 PM)DoomBot Wrote: Yeah, that's the guy Wink

So you have this correct?


Yep I have that one Doombot and this one:
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Nice, you need to rip the pcm at least and the audio for the trailers.

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(2015-08-31, 06:59 PM)DoomBot Wrote: Nice, you need to rip the pcm at least and the audio for the trailers.

Can do, just need to find the time Smile. I had the widescreen one captured but something went wrong with that copy and it got corrupted. So A re-do is in order.

Otherwise, here is what Disclord said about Die Hard:

BTW, the 70mm 6-track mix for Die Hard was done after the initial 35mm release - Fox wasn't sure of Bruce Willis' box office draw so no 70 prints were made until the first box office results started coming in. It's a beefed up mix compared to the original Dolby Stereo, with different sounds here and there, more aggressive panning to take advantage of the discrete tracks, etc. Grease was the same, with 'late' 70mm prints and a different mix.

and about the widescreen LD:

an excellent sounding disc and the only home video release with the original 2-channel Dolby MP Matrix mix used for the Dolby Stereo theatrical prints - plus the PCM sound is unlimited, unlike the Dolby A or Dolby SR theatrical prints.
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Sounds awesome. Thanks guys. Nice to see some Die Hard appreciation.
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If anyone needs help syncing the audio once it has been captured from the LD, feel free to PM meWink
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