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The Dark Knight Trilogy - Theatrical Preservations

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Hi All, this tread is a work in progress and just mirrors the text off of the one on 'Original trilogy' at the moment.
Will work to tidy up and migrate / mirror the thread properly.

All The Best, look forward to moving forward with this Smile

The Dark Knight Trilogy

Preserve the Theatrical presentations of The Nolan Batman Trilogy
All 3 films with 2:35:1 Aspect Ratio and the DTS Cinema Audio

mass5160 (Original Trilogy) - TDK HDTV Rip
Jetrell Fo - Cinema DTS
Hairy_Hen (Original Trilogy) - Cinema DTS
PDB - Research Material/Stills

[Image: tdkr-trilogy.jpg]

The story so far......

Batman Begins
[Image: 3121-batman-movie-wallpaperology121.jpg]
Work to be done

Sync DTS Cinema Audio


Blu-ray U.K Edition (Pending via Me)
DTS Cinema Audio (Pending via Jetrell Fo)

The Dark Knight
[Image: darkknight_logo_sm.jpg]
Work to be done

Crop IMAX Sequences to 2:35:1 using DVD/HDTV Rip as Reference and edit in Alt Shots.
Sync DTS Cinema Audio


Blu-ray U.K Edition (Acquired,Ripped)
HDTV Rip from iTV HD u.k premiere. (Acquired via Mass5160 ,Ripped)
DVD U.K (Pending via Me)
DTS Cinema Audio (Pending via Jetrell Fo)

The Dark Knight Rises
[Image: The-Dark-Knight-Rises-Logo.jpg]
Work to be done

Crop IMAX Sequences to 2:35:1 using DVD/iTunes Rip as Reference and edit in Alt Shots (If Any) .
Sync DTS Cinema Audio


Blu-ray U.K Edition (Pending via Me)
itunes rip @ 480p (Aquired, HELP NEEDED for 1080p version)
DTS Cinema Audio (Pending via Jetrell Fo)

Nothing Yet

(Updated when new information available for convenience)


Will update with progress. 
Programmes and Materials Used :-

(Footage) ((Program))

(The Dark Knight U.K Blu ray, Disc 1)
((AnyDVDHD Blu ray Ripping))
(The Dark Knight iTV HDTV Rip)
((TMPGenc Master Works)) with ((UT codec)) installed.
((AVISynth)) and ((Text Editor)) for .avs creation.
((Adobe Premiere CS6 including Adobe Media Encoder))


Sub Project : The Dark Knight
  • Received HDTV rip from mass5160. Legend.
Content Creation -
  • Ripped Bluray (The Dark Knight Disc 1 & 2)
  • Ripped The Dark Knight.ts (HDTV Version)
  • Demuxed file ((eac3to)) (root) \BRRip\Disc1\BDMV\STREAM 0007.mts.
  • Delete .vc1 file
  • Copy demuxed files to correct folders for later (SUP (Subs),Chapter and Audio tracks in Final folders.
  • ((TMPGenc)).
  • Export to a intermediate codec((TMPGenc)).
UT Codec 709 4:2:2
1920 x 1080
23.976 fps
48kHz 16bit stereo

  • Created .avs file ((Text Editor)) with settings -
copy and paste into .txt file changing (root) to content address -

directshowsource("(root) \HDTVRip\The Dark Knight.ts",audio=false)

  • Load .avs file into Media Encoder ((TMPGenc)) adding deinterlace.
  • Export in a intermediate codec (avi), No Audio.

Editing -
  • Opened Editor ((Adobe Premiere CS6)) and created a Project with the following Sequence / Settings.
Height and With :1920 x 1080
Fields : Progressive
FPS : 23.976   
Codec :Intermediate codec used (UT Codec)
Audio Confusedtereo 48kHz 16bit

NOTE: Im using 2 Channel audio for the proxy and adding 5.1 audio later.
  • Imported contents of my video renders folder (root) The Dark Knight\Video\Footage into Editor ((CS6)). And Placed TDK.bluray on Top and TDK.HDTV.23.976 on Bottom of the created sequence.
  • Did comparisons between material.
  • Saved the Project as (root) \The Dark Knight The Dark Knight.extension (.pproj)

Uploaded 2 screen shots  IMAX vs 35mm

Uploaded 'Comparison Video' IMAX vs  35mm


uploaded 2 screen shots - 35mm vs 35mm

Uploaded 'Comparison Video' - 35mm vs 35mm

Quote added on OT from PDB

PDB said:
The Dark Knight's colors on BD is suppose to different from its theatrical run, quoting:

On the Dark Knight  Blu-ray transfer, the biggest error – by far the biggest error – its producers committed was the complete change of the film's original color timing.  The dark knight was not copied with an optical printer. The original material – I held it in my hands – it was gorgeous. It was absolutely gorgeous. It was… I fell flat off my chair. (Laughs) The colors are so different compared to those that appear in the Blu-ray transfer. I've seen the Blu-ray once, and I've never looked at it again.



Uploaded 'Comparison Video' - IMAX vs IMAX vs 35mm
  • Ordered The Dark Knight Ultimate Boxset for Disc 6

  • Rendered off new 1080p file from the BD this time using the AVISynth BlindDeHalo3 Script

Default Settings:

BlindDeHalo3( rx=3.0, ry=3.0, strength=125,

\            lodamp=0.0, hidamp=0.0, sharpness=0.0, tweaker=0.0,
\            PPmode=0, PPlimit=0, interlaced=false)


  • Rendered off 1080p files of Promotional Material from Disc 2 of 'TDK' blu-ray for Colour Correction reference.
  • Obtained and did Colour Correction Tests using RE:Match.

Uploaded first 15 mins of project with rough colour correction.

Screen Shots

IMAX vs 35mm

[Image: 286zvrn.jpg]
[Image: 9vfkmd.jpg]
Comparison Video

35mm Vs 35mm

[Image: 2hn3n9w.jpg]
[Image: 2vacdj9.jpg]
Comparison Video

PDB originally posted these on OT.

BB IMAX Preview/TDK IMAX Opening

[Image: dk1.jpg]
Itunes Trailer/BD
[Image: dr_4.jpg]
[Image: dr_3.jpg]

35mm or 70mm

[Image: imax_vs_35mm_comparison_img.jpg]
[Image: il_570x_N_558243791_9rjr.jpg]
[Image: il_570x_N_583899101_cbqa.jpg]
[Image: 4646449627.jpg]
[Image: darkknight_imax_short_joker.jpg]

Colour Correction Tests.

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Fantastic, thanks for posting on Fanres! Can't wait for the results.
Awesome PDB.
Looking forward to your Alien/s and Bladerunner Regrades.
It's time for another "project maker" assignement!!!

Great project, hope you could finish ASAP!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
Here are some colour correction tests Ive been playing around with very quick.
First Ive cleaned up the Edge Enhancement with a AVIsynth plug in called BlindDeHalo3 on default settings.
I rendered to a 1920x1080p 4:2:2 UT loss-less codec .avi
I'm editing in Adobe Premiere and used a plugin called RE Match from RE Vision, then doing the best i can to match the source with a bit of secondary colour correction.
I used the Trailers and T.V spots as source's, and where there was not a shot for the scene, I picked a similar environment.
It is a work in progress and just a proof of concept.


Whats interesting is it's adding in what many restorations try to correct a huge green tint! the 35mm screen shots here (post 26), seem to back this up that this is so.
This video was corrected from a still frame, here is the prologue as I could match every frame.


The original Blu ray is clipped in the Dark and Light areas, so any correction is not going to be perfect.

Ive ordered the Ultimate Box-set for the IMAX scenes on Disc 6. it also contains a more recent documentary produced for this release and should contain clips from the TDK, which will be worth a look see.

Just a side note the clips look better (A lot more detail) on my P.C than playing on my PS3 (Crushed Blacks, to much contrast.) through the same T.V.

Here is a Dailymotion video link of both patched together.

Copyright has the videos, looking for Alternatives.
(This post was last modified: 2015-01-21, 11:09 PM by CSchmidlapp.)
...no working links... try on Vimeo, DailyMotion or other, and edit the previous message with new links, because we are all curious to watch them, now that you posted them AND they are not available anymore... Wink
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
How do I insert a download link?
Ive got them both as 1080p encodes uploaded for download.
Can't you just copy and paste the link for download?

Like this https://mega.co.nz/#!xNth3RyL!1i43QGUyYu...37iTlyUWh4
(This post was last modified: 2015-01-22, 02:59 AM by DoomBot.)
Yes, just copy & paste the url, it will be recognized automatically.

P.S. A "before and after" comparison would be cool!
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog

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