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Island of Fire - Complete Uncut Bluray

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The Taiwanese cut of Island on Fire is nearly 35 minutes longer than the original theatrical release. I watched both cuts, and I have to say that the Taiwanese one is way better, as it explains plot way better with it's extra scenes.

Complete comparsion can be found here: http://www.movie-censorship.com/report.php?ID=935

Last year, this movie got it's Bluray release in Japan - without English subtitles, but interesingly it was fully restored to HD quality, but it has it flaws.

Colors are pretty faded, close to no grain at all, poor lightning on some scenes.

So I decided to give it a go and make uncut Bluray copy with English subtitles (sourced from hardcoded, poorly translated sadly, subtitles from Taiwanese cut and superior Hong Kong Legends DVD subtitles).

I have been playing with the settings in Premiere Pro so far and this are the results on the Bluray copy


Let me know guys if you have any complaints, suggestions etc Smile
In the first comparison, your enhancement looks a lot better, however, the second one looks off. I can see how that dark, murky scene will be hard to make look properly. There are some "wizards" here that might be able to pass some "magical" suggestions to you... Let's hope one of them chimes inSmile
As a big supporter of Hong Kong films, I'm excited to see this project, Colek.

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