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Alien DC DVHS Menu person needed ....

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Hey all,

As some of you may know, Doombot and myself have worked on a copy of the DVHS color timing version of the Director's Cut of Alien. We also have a DC trailer scanned from film as the only bonus at this point.

We NEED a menu person to help complete the project to that it may be released for everyone to enjoy. I know we have folks here that may be working with others so we aren't expecting them to come on board and help unless their respective team mates are okay with it. In the meantime, we'd like to put this out there so that anyone proficient with making BD menus can might consider offering their skills to help out.

PLZ pm myself or Doombot if interested. You may also post here. Thank you in advance for any takers or inquiries we might get.


Wish I could help Jetrell Fo. I have been struggling to try to create menus in Adobe Encore for my projects too.

Out of curiosity, are you looking for a menu pages or pop up menus?
Yeah, I've noticed that BD menus are a completely different "beast" from their DVD counterparts. It's cool, because there is a plethora of options/customizations that can be implemented on BD, but it's also a lot harder than on DVD and the learning curve is rather steep.

So far, the only menus for BD that I have created (and released on some of my projects) is using MultiAVCHD, which we all know are rather limited and simplistic but will do in a pinch. I also have the Sony DoStudio BD authoring app, which has a TON of options and such, but I haven't figured it all out yet. Like I mentioned earlier, VERY steep learning curve; the first dozen discs I created didn't work properly or at all. Now, I'm starting to figure out (very slowly and it took a few months) some of the basics and a couple "extra, nice" options but nothing of consequence yet.

Wish I could offer you the help you need now, maybe in the future, but for now I need to learn moreWink
Thanks for the responses. I just dropped HD-Vinnie a note to see what he could do as we have the video and audio ready to roll. We also have a film sourced trailer to boot for the DC as a bonus. When I saw his MOS trailer preview I thought he might be our guy. Maybe we could incorporate the DVHS DC in the Alien BD menu instead and modify things for the DC. It would make things very nice looking AND maybe get it to fit better alongside the retail BD Anthology.

HD-Vinnie said he would be happy to help us out. I am thinking about maybe using the Anthology Bluray menu and adapting it to accommodate this DVHS capture. We also discussed a possible custom trailer for the release but I want to make sure that the reason for the project isn't overshadowed by crediting those involved. I'd prefer that any credit remain simple because this color-timing and the cinema DTS are exclusive to this release as is the DC trailer scan that was done as the only bonus feature to have surfaced for it.

Any ideas or suggestions?
I'd love to see a remade version of the original Director's Cut website modified to be the menu. Though I can't really get far into it on the archived version, it's a good starting point.
(2016-01-03, 06:55 PM)FrankT Wrote: I'd love to see a remade version of the original Director's Cut website modified to be the menu. Though I can't really get far into it on the archived version, it's a good starting point.

I agree. It would be most cool.

If there is anyone maybe some of new users skilled to make menu is more than welcome. 
We have struggled with it more than 2 years.

[Image: Wehe3HQ.png]
I say just release it already and be done with it. Forget the menus or this will go on for many more years. Just my opinion Smile
Can't you guys "steal" the menus from the DVD or something? Wink

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