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Working with LD on an HDCRT

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Anyone have any suggestions for this? I got an XBR960 a few weeks back, spent way too long tearing my hair out fixing geometry and overscan in the service menu...only to see that LD looked terrible. Some discs are better than others and after adjusting to VE and it's digital counterpart (thanks for suggesting that Antcu!) it has gotten better but still pretty unwatchable.
My DMR-es25 I used for comb filtering will upscale to 1080i via the hdmi port but it still seems rather fuzzy and I can't decide if it's just better than running straight in through composite and using the set's comb filter. Plus the 25 seems to mess with color and brightness no matter what I do.
Zooming without cropping or distortion works on everything but the HDMI input. For that I have to set the es25 to display full then the TV to Vertical expand. Filling the screen properly just magnifies image problems though.

I'm guessing I need a better unit for upscaling...but sadly I'm broke at the moment.

Thanks for any input guys.
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