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THX Wow LD capture FOUND!!

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Does anyone have the THX Wow LD http://www.lddb.com/laserdisc/19090/, looking for the bit perfect audio capture from it. I know the there's the project that someone did last year, remastering the video and using 5.1 audio. I want the original audio for this instead. Also what this guy did never was 100% in sync through out. Incase anyone wondered what his was like http://www.mediafire.com/download/d42om1...OWFINAL.ts  Though a good attempt.

Here's a youtube LD cap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7so8AL4mai4 and remastered  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2Cpf_MIpfQ

[Image: Im3rQTR.png]
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It weird, because everything I have been able to find online is the "new" remastered copy of this, which has a different runtime (LD 7:38 - DVD [which is what's available everywhere] is 8:04 [some places lists 8:06]) and ALL have the new 5.1 mix. The original on LD is a 2.0 Dolby Surround PCM track. This, I have not been able to find anywhere (other than the youtube link) and used copies go for anywhere from $20 to $150. (There is even one a**hat on ebay who want $395 for it, LOL)

I am interested in seeing the original LD footage with PCM audio as wellSmile

I have searched on private-trackers/forums/communities as well and so far no luckSad
I didn't know they had the remastered as well. I only see the original version on lddb http://www.lddb.com/laserdisc/19090/THX-WOW/THX-WOW! but i don't want to pay $30 plus shipping for this. Well maybe someone will see this at some point in time that has it already.
I have the LD. I need to capture it, though.
That's great Lil Brutto!! You have a way of capturing it?
Yes, I can do a bit perfect capture. Just give me a few days to dig out the LD and get it done.
If you don't mind, I would be interested in acquiring this capture as well, once it's available.

@ Doombot - The "remastered" copy is on the "THX Dolby DTS" DVD demo disc that is available on MS. Other than the fact that it has a slightly longer runtime and remastered 5.1 audio instead of original 2.0, I don't know what the differences are between the two.
The stars aligned and I was able to find my LD in 5 minutes and capture the audio soon afterwards. Here is a link to my bit perfect audio capture:


It's worth mentioning that the video of the youtube cap linked above is NOT the same as my LD. On my LD, the image is cropped and there is a THX logo in the bottom right corner. Also, the end credits are totally different - and shorter - on my LD. That would explain the shorter runtime, which is 7:38.

Here are a couple of pics taken with my phone to illustrate:

[Image: THX-WOW-LD-cap-1_zpsbynjkaoh.jpg]
[Image: THX-WOW-LD-cap-2_zpstdlwoyz7.jpg]
First, thanx for sharing the LD PCM and hoping you might have a chance to share the video at some point too...

On topic of video, what DoomBot posts from youtube is in fact NOT the original LD footage but the "remastered" footage. I have found ONE video on youtube (unfortunately at 360p) that contains the original LD footage (verified with screen shots Lil Brutto posted above) but it had the audio track muted thanx to some copyright BS:

I pulled the video stream down and have it synced to the LD PCM, if anyone is interested I can share, but would be nice to have the original LD footage as a source instead of a 360p youtube transcode. Even like this though, it was a joy to watch due to the awesome PCM track. Again, thanx for sharingSmile
Oh WOW!  Thanks Lil Brutto that was extremely fast! Interesting to see it has THX slapped in the corner.
You guys are right i posted the longer version but that was before i knew there was a shorter original version.

Thanks Jerry i didn't even see that on ms might as well have both. Also thanks for finding the original version, i wouldn't mind getting the synced file from you.

Again, thank you Lil Brutto for sharing this with us. Now i need to listen to this in the theater!

I still think are talented guy here could recreate this. It's alot to put together though with so much footage from all those movies. So the question is not if he could but rather would he want to. Alot of space HDD required.
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