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Fantastic Four (2015)
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Well, here I am, alive and kicking (well, more or less... Wink )

Saturday I was "forced" to go to see a movie, so this was the most voted, and I thought "Well, another superhero movie... why not? I'm pretty sure it will not be a masterpiece, but it could not be that bad, right?"


Actors are all... well, not the right one for each of their roles - apart, maybe, the government bad guy; CGI effects are sometimes really noticeable - I recall the ape, for example; story is quite boring, and I was waiting to see the top for a looong time, and it came and finished in few minutes, exagerating everything, following the latest superhero movies "style" (Big Hero 6 was waaay better in this)...

So, I think this is a very weak movie, and the old ones are really better in every aspect!

My 2c of course; waiting to know what do you think about this - but I'm pretty sure many (if not all) will agree with me...
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Really sounds like they bombed big time on this movie, and being a reboot. It didn't get good reviews at all here in the US.

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I guess they decided during an exhilarating excel presentation they've gone about as far as you can go on making good movies, might as well be time to take this train downtown. Downtown? *echoes* ALL THE WAY DOWN! *really not re-assuring manic laughter*
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