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Does anyone have a copy of Terminator 2 laserdisc's PCM?
Think I have a Japanese laserdisc in my collection. Will have a look
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I do have a few laserdisc rips at hand (I believe I have the Director's Cut and that weird squeezed ungraded one, I don't entirely remember the specifics at this point in time). I don't know if y'all would have any use for those audio tracks but I suppose it doesn't hurt to shout it out. Just send me a PM if you're interested I guess.
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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I have nearly all of them but not the equipment to do a bit perfect rip
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Ok still working on my upscale T2 project which is (temporarily) replacing the other projects and I'm looking for some LD's tracks still.

So far I have the Aritsan DVD CDS, the Japanese DVD CDS and the Japanese LD thanks to the great people here. I'm still looking for LD PCM tracks that have the CDS and another with the post CDS GR remix. Just for the sake of having both so people can compare.
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I have the original Sony/TriStar Pal DVD which has all sorts of CDs mixes (5.1, DS, French) and unique TriStar logo at the beginning, converted to NTSC speed, if you want.
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