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Alien DVHS Preservation Project
I started this thread so that we don't clutter up PDB's thread.  This way we can discuss things without confusing anyone, including myself, LOL.

(2015-09-30, 04:01 PM)HDVinnie Wrote:
(2015-09-29, 08:23 PM)DoomBot Wrote: Yep it's 2 DTS tracks to choose from. The video being DTheater is of course Mpeg2 1080i 29.97fps. Normally i would say maybe we should convert it to 1080p h264 but it plays so well i didn't feel the need. Most of the DTheater movies out there need encoding to 1080p. Right now we're looking at 21.1GB in a m2ts container. So yeah if it were encoded with h264 we could have more room for extras. I wasn't thinking about that at the time though.

anyway i can get a media info scan of this file? I already started a trailer and opener and you guys can decide if you want to use or not in the end. But in order for me to do a menu and test i would somewhat need the m2ts file. Not sure if your ok with that or not but let me know. Its safe with me

(2015-09-29, 07:28 PM)Jetrell Fo Wrote: To simplify, this is what we have:

For the DVHS project Doombot and I have, we have not done anything to the video, it comes as is from the DVHS cap we obtained. There are two audio choices available, Kevin will correct me if I'm wrong on this. We have the DTS that came with the cap and the cinema DTS which was kindly synched by Doombot himself. We have an opening DVHS bumper and a 35mm trailer scan kindly provided by Jonno. I also have saved a podcast commentary for our version that has not yet been synched. I will get with Doombot about this. We are wanting HDVinnie to adapt a bluray menu from the anthology for this release if possible and a custom video trailer which highlights the significance of the DVHS release so that credit can be given to those fans involved in making it possible. I just don't want our names overshadowing the meat of the project itself. The fact that it's available in this format is far more important than all the little stuff.

The color timing of the DVHS is unique to it's release which is what makes it so special aside from the cinema DTS inclusion and the trailer.

This means there are 2 separate Alien preservations/archival projects.

I am wanting ours to stay a BD25 release to keep with the file size and quality. I am hoping Doombot will chime in here and add to or specify any ideas or issues he may have before we move forward.

Thanks to all involved and all who believe in Alien. This is for fans by fans. As it should be.


Check this out .....

This is not a video by us.

I would LOVE to get X-Men and X2 for preservation as well.  I have cinema DTS for both.


I am currently without my disc that Doombot sent me.  It is in storage and I will be retrieving my stuff within the week.  Once I get that done I can send you the file Vinnie, maybe via a private torrent.  

Kevin, do you think you can sync the podcast commentary to the video before we go m2ts?  I know you have stuff going on so I don't want to jam up your schedule.


[Image: ch-alientopr2.jpg]
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Good luck guys. I can't wait to see the final product.
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(2015-10-01, 04:49 PM)PDB Wrote: Good luck guys. I can't wait to see the final product.

You too mang .... having fellow members to bounce ideas off of is important to the final outcome of these things as you well know. You have our support as much as we have yours, thank you for that.


I am also hoping to get someone talented enough to do a bluray cover for this that matches the DVHS packaging .... it would be the way to go so it can be differentiated from other releases.


I think I know who to ask ...... I'll get back to this when I have an answer.

Fingers crossed.
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Thanks to Doombot and HDVinnie for making forward progress on this possible. I also need to make sure I thank Jonno, PDB, and borisanddoris. This is a cool ass project and I cannot wait to see the final phase.

Vinnie, would you post the specs once you get things sorted and organized? It would be greatly appreciated.


Does anyone here have this DVHS that would scan the cover art so I could get work started on a cover for it?

THIS would be awesome for extras.
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will do....

also heres my idea for opener clip....will post video once complete

[Image: QKjZbeg.png]
Thanks given by: Jetrell Fo
Cool Vinnie .... looks sharp. Will we be able to get people's names in? I would like mine last if you go that route. Doombot should be first. Then we'd need Jonno, PDB, borisanddoris and your name. I want to make sure folks all get credit somehow ya know.

Thanks for doing this, it IS appreciated greatly.


The podcast commentary has been scuttled as it matches with the Bluray but not the DVHS. I believe I may remember reading a reference mentioning that there was maybe 2 versions of the Director's Cut? Maybe someone can pull up some info on it?
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just need a idea of what trailer should point out? Alien DVHS Preservation Project, created by , Doombot , Jetrell Fo, Jonno, PDB, borisanddoris and HDVinnie. Color Graded Video?
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Honestly I don't think I deserve a credit on this project. I didnt do enough to warrant it
For new members: Please do not ask where to get something. Participate in the forum, talk to people, make friends. Then someone will help you find what you want.
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Indeed, I simply threw a trailer your way - no upfront credit needed here!
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(2015-10-03, 06:31 PM)HDVinnie Wrote: just need a idea of what trailer should point out? Alien DVHS Preservation Project, created by , Doombot , Jetrell Fo,  Jonno, PDB, borisanddoris and HDVinnie. Color Graded Video?

What I'd like it to point out is the color timing that is singular to this release and the cinema DTS audio which is exclusive to it as well.  There has been no color regrading, this transfer comes straight from the DVHS release.  The reason why I was asking for thanks to be included is because each one of the people I pointed out has been either directly involved or inspirationaly involved.  I am thankful to all mentioned for the assistance provided, technically or otherwise.  My name should be last.

(2015-10-02, 04:14 PM)Jetrell Fo Wrote:

THIS would be awesome for extras.

I made an offer of $25.00 for this.  Who knows.  Can anyone here transfer Betacam?

Is there anyone with a copy of the DVHS of the Alien DC that can scan or has a copy of the slip art?  I need it for the person I asked to do the artwork.

Thanks ...  Smile

[Image: Alien_The_Directors_Cut-001.jpg]
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