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The Terminator (1984) Chace "Fake Stereo" LD Analog
So here's a new event. Someone posted online a different rip of that LD from MrBrown, very clean.

I extracted the audio, which is captured very quiet, then upped it up to -8db.

It seems there might have been a problem on MrBrown rip, because both channel clearly display different wavelenghts, with sometimes the left being louder, sometimes the right.

As the stems were mono, it's hard to point out, but both channels clearly are different and this is indeed faux stereo (as Van Ling calls it). I separated the channels and played one then the other while listening with headphones and they both sound different. This new rip is way better, so I will resync it and use it for PDB project instead of the one posted here.

JerryShadowe, would you be willing to redo your sync work, if you kept the original files and align them? As you done it once already, you will know better how to handle it.
Thanks given by: MrBrown

I wonder which of my devices in the capturing chain is or was faulty.
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
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Maybe your LD was, this one is pristine in both picture and sound.

Yours had tons of image damage so I'm guessing the surface had deteriorated a bit, and this affected the sound too.
Thanks given by: PDB
OK now working on resyncing this one. It really sounds great.

I wanna do the sync without any cuts except for end of reels resync, so it's a lot of work as the original LD is time speeded.

I'm converting the video to 23.976 removing the pulldown. It seems the image sync to the current Blu when slowed down to 95.90% which means it's near Pal speed up, but not quite. Pal speed up would be 95.904, however when I slow it down that way, the image drift gradually out of sync.

Next I will be putting the slowdown and pitch adjust to the audio, then will proceed to resync the whole film with fill-ins for the end of reels.

Jerry you will be able to retire your release, and replace it with mine with updated notes.

Now that we got a clean rip of this, will come the next step into the research, as I read in another forum regarding Chace fake mixes:

Quote:Sorry but every review says the DTS-HD 2.0 track is mono, and I cannot for the life of me hear separation in the track myself.

One guy answer:

Quote:That's because all those reviewers are listening to it in direct mode with sound coming only from the left and right speakers. Engage pro-logic mode and you will hear dialog in the center and music and effects gently opened up into the rest of the speaker array. This is a Chace remix from the dialog and music & effects tracks, not the original sound stems, so there is no true stereo separation.

After sync, I will thus experiment encoding the track in Dolby Surround. If what the guy says is true, then the front will play as 3 tracks with probably some sound in the back.

I love this mix, it's the best mono mix out there. It has spatiality, clarity and dimentionality, while still remaining the mono mix.

The other mixes sound as if someone speaks from the nose when compared to this. Just ear blowingly awesome.
Thanks given by: MrBrown , Wisp of Smoke
Would be awesome, if it would be possible to make a nice surround track with multichannel from that.
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
Thanks given by:
So this is done and released.

I have both an AC3 640kbps 2.0 plain encoded version, and a DTS full bitrate 2.0 encoded one.

It doesn't work in Dolby Surround (I tried in two separate home-cinema rooms) but it sounds great as is.

Anyone interested, PM me. Newbies, please at least try to participate a bit before asking.
Thanks given by: LucasGodzilla
I downloaded a dts ma 2.1 mix a couple years ago is that from the ld or the DVD?
Thanks given by:
This was from the Image LD, I believe it was Stendec sync, Domestic mix with the .1 of the Blu-ray added.

From what I can gather from info on both forums, those early PCM mono syncs (Stendec / Team Blu) were hacked in places to keep in sync with the Blu-ray remix.

So it made sense to spice it up by adding the .1 as they were in complete sync, though I'm not sure it worked in the end as in many places, the whole soundtrack was redone out of sync with the original mono.

I added the Team Blu sync to PDB project, but vanilla (I just made a verification and added MGM Lion intro and outro).

This mix Chace mix is totally different from any other mix we have ever known. It's unique with the dialogue more crisper and clear.
Thanks given by:

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