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Shadoe Presents: The Vintage Disney Channel Throwback Collection

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Some of you might be thinking, "WTF?" so let me explain my little project, some of it's "genesis" story and what people can look forward to seeing in the future as a part of this collection.

First things first, I would like to just say "THANK YOU" to those of you that I leaked some of the info about this project to, that proved they are trustworthy and didn't steal the idea or "spill the beans" about it. Again, thanx guys Ok

Ok, now that I got that out of the way, I am super  Money  freaking excited about this series of projects!

I'm sure a lot of you from the US, that are in my age category, remember the awesome days when The Disney Channel was actually a fantastic channel to have. Yes, I'm talking the 80s through about 1992-ish, when The Disney Channel was a premium channel that showed lots of cartoons, westerns, musicals, great b&w films, great educational stuff, live shows, had great series and made-for-tv movies, family/kid/adult films on a regular basis and was a joy to watch.

I have been collecting everything I can find that is from that era, some from youtube, some from caps of VHS tapes that people have shared with me and have built up a huge library of stuff. I have been wondering for a while now how to assemble it for release and then I got this cool idea, "What if I work on all the Disney films I would like to have proper 1080p BD releases of (that aren't available commercially or have atrocious releases) AND insert them into a 'block of vintage Disney Channel programming" that I have assembled from the stuff I have?"

The premise is simple: each "feature film" will be after about 30-45 minutes of Vintage Disney Channel bumpers, commercials, AND programming such as "Good Morning, Mickey!" (which I actually have a digital source of from broadcasts in 2010 in the Ukraine - so waaaaay better than any VHS-rip) and "Donald Duck Presents" (same thing with the intro) and I can insert 1080p copies of the shorts there (specific to the theme of the "feature film") and maybe some other stuff. Use the "Disney Channel" station IDs (have a "mass" of those) and "Feature Presentation" stuff. Possibly also, maybe, use some of the "Wonderful World of Disney" intros (especially the one with wizard mickey being animated in beginning before he shoots of the bottle into an orange background of stuff) or the "Disney Sunday Movie" intro, since they are so awesome and nostalgic of those times 8)  :hearts:  :victory:

I am open to suggestions or ANY additional sources (the more the better in this case, as some material is only useable after overlaying multiple sources to create a "best" image)

The "feature films" are already all being worked on by me, are in various stages of progress and will have their own threads when each is close to completion...

Expect the titles to slowly start trickling in on this threadWink
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Wow, what a nice project Smile
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Thanx manWink

Yeah, the first post of this thread was originally a lot longer and contained details about each of the "feature films" that I plan on including in this collection but it exceeded the max limit for a single post, LOL Tongue

This actually works out better, as each additional title can be a "surprise."

So, the first title in this collection is "The Sword in the Stone"
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