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Color correction - how to do it easiest way?

I have one, awfully red tinted source which is only HD existing source of the movie. Now, I have few DVDs and TV captures I could use for color matching, but I could only use these as reference (as the HD source is more 'open' than DVDs in regards to aspect ratio, maybe it's even Open Matte), because I could not just merge chroma over these. In my opinion, one of TV captures has best colors, but it also has the TV logo.

I am using AviSynth for most of the work on source file, but I want to just make one script that would do all the work I want over the movie. So what is the best way to make color correction on that?
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I am by no means an expert on this topic, however I'm pretty sure that if you are looking for help from someone here, a sample image of the "red tinted" HD source and the "proper color" source would greatly helpWink
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Red tinted HD source:
Proper colors HDTV:
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This might be your salvation:
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Exactly what I needed, thank you! Smile
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Holy sh*tballs Batman!! Tongue

I'm still reading through that very long thread, but what I've seen there so far, the results are extremely impressive. Thanx for posting the linkWink
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