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Aligning two sources

Do you have any tips for aligning two different sources? I have DVD and HDTV, I would want to color correct DVD source to HDTV and delogo it using that.

Upscaled DVD:
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Honestly, this depends on the software that you are using, but the basic concept is the same everywhere: you need to stretch/squeeze (depending on needs) the image (sometimes vertically, sometimes horizontally, at times you need to do both) until you get it to align. The unfortunate truth here is the fact that this can not always be done easily or at all. There will be times where there is massive distortion between two sources and it's a pain to "mesh" them together. Don't let me discourage you, as your mileage will vary and in some cases it can be extremely easy. Do some tests. And maybe someone else can chime in too, but knowing what software you are using will help. Also, if you google something like "name of your software" and "aligning two video sources" or something like that, might yield you guides already made by othersWink
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