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Taxi Driver Criterion LD Movie Audio & Isolated Score

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Any chance someone has the LD and can capture the Movie Audio and the Isolated Score? The Blu-ray only contains a newly created 5.1 mix and the original mono mix would be nice to have. The Isolated Score would be considered as a Bonus, if the track is available on the LD the capture-person has.

Thanks in advance
I could send it to ya benermac, i received this from BusterD. Smile
(2015-10-18, 05:29 AM)DoomBot Wrote: I could send it to ya benermac, i received this from BusterD. Smile

yes please Big Grin

is it synced to the old or new 4k mastered blu-ray?
This would be unsynced, just never got around to it.

Edit: What BusterD has is not the Criterion LD.
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