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The Walk

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I quite liked it, although I didn't like the narration and I would have preferred they shot it as a continuing story rather than with the narration, and I would have liked it if they gave some more attention to the other wire walks he did. The film kind of paints Philippe Petit as an amateur - which he certainly was not. I would have liked to have seen more of his daily practising. For example one thing we didn't see in "The Walk" is Philippe doing backwards-rolls on the wire which you can see him do in Man on Wire at 56 minutes in (it's on dailymotion if you want to google-search it, I won't directly link it for copyright reasons).

The sequences on top of the twin towers were done really well though. But the film's ending was all wrong - there was no mention for example of the harsher legal consequences that were handed to his accomplices.

It was good, but Man on Wire is the better film in my view. But it's worth seeing for the twin-tower rooftop sequences.

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