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OT forum transition

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Right now, if you go to the OT forum, you find this:

Quote:The forum was taken offline on Saturday at 11:00 AM ET pending our migration to a new server. The expected downtime is between 24 and 48 hours. See you soon!

Happy to know OT is finally migrating to a new server!

One day it will happen to fanres, too... Wink
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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(2015-10-24, 09:11 PM)spoRv Wrote: One day it will happen to fanres, too... Wink

Well, the downtimes are annoying, but not annoying enough to pay for a better server IMO. Smile
Yeah, the doesntimes suck, but it's not a problem that occurs often enough to worry about, IMHO Wink

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