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Star Wars SE LD query .....

At one time I captured each side of the LD's to their own DVD5 as I had considered maybe doing something with them for a private set. Would there be any interest or use for these discs for something?

I also did the same with my Phantom Menace LD.

Just curious I guess.

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I would be interested in such a set for preservation... Perhaps synced with the respective Cinema DTS files? I don't know... But I'm not the one doing all the hard work, haha.
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I know LD is becoming out dated as a source for preservations but I thought it might interest someone since they are the 1997 SE's and not the newer ones with the changes. Maybe other folks who have captures of these could source them all together and try to get a better hybrid version.

I figured I'd at least put this out there for consideration.

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