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Back to the Future Trilogy - 1080i HDTV caps

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Ok, so I wanted to address this in time for the anniversary, but I just got usenet access a couple days ago and wasn't able to verify anything until now.

Here, I'm not really addressing the first film, as we all know about the DCP copy and there is a WOWOW cap (not sure if it's not just the same source, as in the WOWOW is a DCP) but either way, here the DCP is superior to the BD release and enough said on that topic...

So I am in the process of pulling 1080i HDTV captures of BTT2 and BTTF3 and should have them both in about 22-24 hours. They are both incomplete, but I managed to find nearly 3GB of PAR2 files for each one in a separate nzb's that is apparently all there and complete so I should be able to re-construct the missing blocks (fortunately there ain't many of them) However, I was already able to download the sample files for both (roughly 1st minute of film) and immediately wanted to compare it to the BD...

In the process of trying to find some screenshots, I found an awesome "screencap" site with numerous films already there. For those interested, the site is: http://screencapped.net
Anyway, I found 3 screenshots there for BTTF2 and then capped them myself from the 1080i HDTV transfer. The results are... well, I'll show you in a minuteWink

I plan on trying to get some from BTTF3 as well, (just excited about this "discovery" and wanted to share) however if BTTF2 is any indicator, then the comparison should be similar. Let's see, these caps are from HDnet, are MPEG2 encoded video, both at 17.2mbps @29.970fps, interlaced, with 5.1 AC3 sound @384kbps...

IMHO these look better than the BD releases and will be best alternative until a 35mm film print surfaces. Once I have both of these HDTV copies pulled, I plan on making them easily available to others on MSWink

Now, on to the three screenshots (top-BD/bottom-HDTV)

[Image: zQGzdFE.jpg]
[Image: rs1g0Aa.png]

[Image: 7gR5gvk.jpg]
[Image: pjGEOAn.png]

[Image: Je3SzG5.jpg]
[Image: V6JSs0i.png]

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Definitely worth grabbing the caps for both movies.
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With a quick glance, looks like more grain on the HDTV which makes it a keeper in my book.
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I realized that it's easier to see the differences using screenshotcomparison...

the hdtv copy has more grain, no dnr or ee, and slightly more picture on top, bottom and right side

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(2015-10-28, 08:55 PM)jerryshadoe Wrote: I realized that it's easier to see the differences using screenshotcomparison...

the hdtv copy has more grain, mo dnr or ee, and slightly more picture on top, bottom and right side


Agreed the HDTV def looks better.
Yeah that's why i downloaded the pics to compare on the computer. I see the distortion your talking about with the BD, we need this project for sure.
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I will report back on the status of this as soon as I have everything downloaded. Then, I'll verify that the caps are complete, whether they are actually logo-free throughout and then we can talk projectsWink
Great find, Jerry! Ok
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
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Hmmm... these HDTV caps are known for a while. There's a whole topic full of informations about it on the OT. You can still find these versions on Rutracker I believe. You can also find the x264 smaller versions. Anyway they are not that good and they have HDnet logos showing up every 15 minutes or so...
Part III is the best version available yet but for Part II there is a better version capped from Canal+ with its logo removed.
drngr posted the 1080i copies on usenet and apparently (based on what I read in that thread on OT) that is what I just downloaded and the ones on rutracker have a lower bitrate than what I just downloaded from usenet, as I have both. The one on usenet has a bitrate of 17.6mbps, while the ones on rutracker are 16.8mbps... Hmmm... I guess I arrived a little late to this "party," LOL

I see what you mean about the Canal+ copy of 2 is better than than the HDnet (although the difference is not as big as between BD and the HDnet) however I have not been able to find a download for itSad

I'm wondering if anything can be done with the HDnet of 3 to make it look a little better, even though it is already better than the BD.

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