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[Canceled] Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (IMAX Recreation)
Just seen gryfuns post above, must of missed it and as his removeddit link shows the footage posted was only the 1.78:1 footage from the WEB-DL. Only place I’ve seen a clip of the Burj Khalifi footage in 1.43:1 was in the IMAX Docu on youtube, shame it was such poor quality so I couldn’t use it in my own IMAX project.
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Sooo, whats the latest update on this? The OP says that it's been done by someone else but who? and where? lol any help would be much appreciated!
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(2020-09-03, 12:14 AM)dylanv1025 Wrote: Sooo, whats the latest update on this? The OP says that it's been done by someone else but who? and where? lol any help would be much appreciated!

I've only ever been able to find the Russian Hybrid with burnt-in German subs.

EDIT: Interestingly the info mentions our own @maksnew for the source.

Add. Information: This is an IMAX version of the film, it has a larger frame content, compared to Blu-Ray only in IMAX scenes, the total duration of such scenes is 25 minutes. The rest of the movie is taken from Blu-Ray at 2.35: 1. Scenes in IMAX format are taken from German AMZN WEB-DL 1080p (thanks to maksnew for the source). In IMAX scenes, there is German hardsub only on some of the inscriptions. Detailed comparisons of editions below under the spoiler.

All audio tracks are taken from the HDClub release. Track # 1 is derived from the original Dolby TrueHD track and dubbed by replacing all sections with English speech, its echoes and echoes with those of the dubbed track, in all channels. Tracks 2, 3 and 4 are obtained by superimposing clear voices in the center of the decoded Tru-HD original. (thanks to Pragmatik for the work done).
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I've made my own Hybrid of this now.

I used the IMAX version that had the duplicate captions and removed them by using the BD zoomed in and C&P a clean frame for the Budapest one.
I also made my own expanding frame section for the Burj Khalifa scene.

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Nice try on the expansion. On my own version I went one step further and used the blu-ray 2.35:1 full frame (WEB-DL is cropped at that point) and then through a mixture of slow zoom, moving frame up (to match WEB-DL) and expansion I switched to WEB-DL as the camera goes through window and just before the WEB-DL slowly zooms out to true Open Matte.

I also did the same with the sequence before the opening credits (which again is badly cropped on sides and bottom missing the flame ignition) using quick expanding frame at speed of flame moving (without using zoom, just switch and expanding frame at the point of the flame igniting as the frame size difference is un-noticeable).

I used frame hold to remove duplicate German Budapest caption and mask for all others using a Czech sourced Open Matte HDTV (fixing contrast / brightness / frame positioning). There is now a Russian sourced WEB-DL which could be used for this but mine looks perfect so no need for me to update. Not sure how you managed to use the Blu-ray to remove them as the 2.35:1 bottom border is higher and cuts into the area where the captions are.

I assume as I did you corrected the one shot that is wrongly switched backwards of Tom Cruise holding onto the side of the BMW X3 during the sandstorm sequence originally spotted by PDB.

I also assume you included the couple of quick / short Open Matte shots which were part of 2.35:1 sequences (if you missed them, earlier in the thread I supplied PDB timings, frame no’s for all Open Matte sequences and shots).
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As I used the previous Russian Hybrid with German subs I assume all the OM scenes were there and it just needed cleaning up. Forgot about the backwards shots though and as this was my first fan edit yours will be much better than anything I can do.
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Didn't bother with that Russian Hybrid so not sure whether they included all shots.
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