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Ash vs Evil Dead

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Anyone watch?
Absolutely loved the hell out of it! Ash is back baby. A great start to the show.

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I liked it too Doombot. I was glad to have the gang back together. Although a squeal to one and two since they didn't have the rights Army of Darkness the character felt more aod ash with ed2 level of gore, not a bad thing at all
I wondered why there was no Army of darkness reference.
AOD is owned by Universal whereas the other two where independent productions to which the Renaissance guys have a financial and copyright interest in. So they can use ED1 and 2 but not AOD since Universal is not involved.

The funny thing is ED2 still has the "medevil" part so they still could reference time travel just not what happened ther Wink
Yeah, it felt like an Army of Darkness TV series more than Evil Dead. Not a big fan of the first two films so for me that's a good thing.

Glad it's already picked up for a second season.
I was glad it was picked up too but I have no idea where the show can go. That's a good and bad thing

Oh well it doesn't matter I'm in for the long haul
And now you can watch for free:


(not sure if it is location locked)
It great. But wish they used better CGI effects. The practical effects are great when they do use them.
Last episode tomorrow!

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