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[SOLVED] FRENCH speaker needed for two LINES of dialog
Indeed, it is VERY specific, awesome find! Big Grin

(2015-11-06, 05:37 PM)TServo2049 Wrote: Well, the line most definitely WAS recorded and animated to, because it is on the animator drafts circulated around the studio during production. (These were scene/dialogue breakdowns, with who each scene's animation was assigned to and so on - this would obviously have been after all the dialogue was recorded and locked down.) Hans Perk has shared his huge collection of these on his blog, and I found this very scene:

According to this draft, the original line is almost identical to ilovewaterslides' English back-translation of the French dub:
"Well, after you become a squire then in time you'll be a knight I suppose."

So the only question remaining is if it was actually on any released English version, or if it was taken out during the final mix prior to release.

HUGE thanx for finding this. I went through the image numbers there and it appears that more of the film is there, which would be a cool extra for my project, so thanx for that as well.

This find verifies what I have suspected since I was a kid, Wart IS actually responding to something Merlin said. It has always sounded like that to me, kind like when you would record something on VHS and the first second or two was missing and then the audio starts abruptly. Wart speaking here, always sounded abruptly started.

Based on the evidence you present, the fact that we can see the lip movement in this scene, and the fact that the French dub contains the dialog, I am of the opinion that the English dialog must exist somewhere but whether it was included in official release is unclear. Maybe the French got to start on the dubbing process first, when the line was still included, thus they translated and included it unlike ANY other foreign language dub. That's what makes things hazy here, because why would that be the only one to include it?? I wish I could find an original 1963 release print to check this.

As far as a reconstruction on my end, I have found Merlin saying everything (well, for "Knight" I could only find him saying "night" but they sound identical so that wouldn't be a problem) EXCEPT the word "squire." I am currently looking at some voice-morphing apps, seeing if there is anything I could use to transform Wart's voice saying squire to Merlin's voice (as he says it a few times during the film and I have a lot of samples to work with) but it is a hard process and I might not be able to do it successfullySad

I know that there was extra/alternate recordings for some of the other parts of the film, because I located the OST Vinyl LP that has songs from the film with some dialog, as well. I am still trying to find a rip of the Vinyl that came with a pop-up story book, because it contained alternate dialog as well and I'm wondering if this might be on there.
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TServo2049's find is indeed awesome. The fact that the line is missing in other dubs (such as the Castilian) too is intriguing. I wonder why it's present in the French.

All this talk has made me dig out my remux of the old custom BD. Is your custom version going to have the French DTS-HD HR, jerry? Given what we've found out about the dialog, it might be a good idea to include it.
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There are all sorts of drafts on this guy's blog:

Just search through the blog.
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I have the French DTS-HD HR track and haven't verified if this is present on this version. The audio track in the clip was synced from the French LD PCM mono track. It is present on the DVD, both R1 and R2 editions, which are almost all 5.1, except for the first edition Nordic DVD and first edition R1 dvd's.

Thanx for the link Servo! Going to check it out now...
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The line's on the French DTS-HD HR. You must have bought every DVD ever released of this film, presumably to track down the missing line. I admire your tenacity!
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Well, partially in search of the missing line and partially to include as many audio tracks (read: dubs) as possible for my project, because I want to preserve all the original mono mixes that I can with the beautiful video I have.

It looks like the entire film is contained on that site, in this draft form. Fantastic freakin' find! Again, thank you. Look forward to going through the entire thing and comparing it to the released version. Wonder if there are any other changes present.
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Yeah, I know this got solved but I have finished syncing all of the dubs I have and I discovered that there is one more dub that contains this extra dialog by Merlin. I have collected nearly all dubs out there (except for Finnish, Japanese, Thai, and Turkish) in both, the original mono mixes and the 5.1 upmixes (although focusing on mono for preservation reasons)

The only dubs that contain this extra dialog is the French dub and the Italian dub. The dialog is present on the mono and 5.1 upmixes. Now that I have found this in those two dubs, plus the evidence of the dialog in the draft, (thanx again Servo) but the fact that it's missing in English on ALL commercially released media formats, makes me wonder if it was included in the original theatrical run. There is a good chance that it was, but if that's the case then why drop it later? Any googling here has yielded me nothingSad
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It's not uncommon for France and Italy to have their own theatrical cuts of a film.  Obviously, this isn't a Leone affair, and The Sword in the Stone isn't otherwise different in French and Italian releases, but I suppose it's just about possible that the tendency of these two countries to do more than simply translate the English audio for a given film is of significance.  This is pretty slim though, and no particularly convincing explanation springs readily to mind. Sad
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Yeah, especially when you look at that draft, that (in English, nonetheless) clearly shows those lines of dialog there and the first part of the Wart's answer is also missing.

What's missing is this:

Merlin: "Well, after you become a squire then in time you'll be a knight I suppose."
Wart: "Oh, I wish I could." I'd give anything to go... here, the part NOT in quotation marks is where the dialog actually starts in the film, hence why I always got the impression that it starts abruptly, because apparently it does, LOL Tongue

I am wondering if I should include the draft as a pdf (it took over an hour to download each image of each page, with 236 pages from the blog Servo posted above) with my SitS release...

EDIT: what puzzles me about this is the fact that this dialog really should be there because it makes that scene make sense. The way it starts makes for an awkward beginning of the dialog. I can't reconstruct it from other parts of dialog in the film because no where in the film does Merlin use the word "squire" other than this missing part. DAMN! Grrrrrr!! I really wanted to include this. If there is anyone that knows how I could do this is welcome to chime in. I researched the voice actor, Karl Swenson, but can't find anything where he would use this word so that I could do the reconstructionSad
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