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[SOLVED] FRENCH speaker needed for two LINES of dialog

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I am working on the audio for my SitS project and have discovered that there is a couple of lines of dialog that is ONLY present in the French dub. It always bothered me that in this scene you can clearly see Merlin talking but there is no dialog. What makes this more interesting is the fact that even the French subtitles (on ALL DVD [both R1 and R2] and BD releases) do NOT contain these lines.

I have uploaded the very short clip onto youtube, with all French subtitles on-screen during the shot I'm talking about. Can any French speaker PLEASE transcribe those two lines for me in FRENCH so that I can include them in the subtitle track AND so that I can finally figure out what Merlin says there, as I can just use google translator to get it into English??

Thanx, in advanceWink  Ok

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He says: "Après avoir été écuyer tu deviendras chevalier je suppose".

Which basically means: "After being a squire you'll become a knight I suppose".
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Now, I'm going to see if within all the dialog spoken by Merlin in the film, I can find these words and manually re-assemble that line in English without it sounding weird. I wonder why it's missing from EVERY audio mix out there, except this French dub.
Perhaps it was in the original 1963 mono mix? Was the original 1986 Classics VHS mono, or stereo?

If his mouth is moving, he has to have been animated to recorded dialogue. If it wasn't included in the original release mix, then it would have been something that was recorded and then dropped for some reason.
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Perhaps those with LDs could check them for the line. It would be great to have LD PCM for this in any event.
@jerryshadoe: You're quite welcome! Smile
I have a rip of the LD audio (which is synced and will be included with my SitS project - have the LD tracks for English and French) and the line is not there either. I also have numerous original mono mixes for foreign languages and none of them have this line, it's only in the French dub. Have always wondered about this because you can clearly see Merlin speaking there and it always sounded to me like the boy was responding to something Merlin said, when we actually start hearing the dialog.

The original 1986 VHS (which I have) was mono and does not contain this line either. In fact, until I discovered it in the French audio I was syncing, I never knew that any recorded audio existed for this part (even though the animation suggests it did) in any language. If we go by the French dub, then it would be very strange for them to omit this in the English version. Maybe some master elements got damaged along the way or something.

I believe that the only way to know if the line was originally there is to get a 16/35mm print from the original 1963 theatrical run and not from any of the later re-issues.
Well, the line most definitely WAS recorded and animated to, because it is on the animator drafts circulated around the studio during production. (These were scene/dialogue breakdowns, with who each scene's animation was assigned to and so on - this would obviously have been after all the dialogue was recorded and locked down.) Hans Perk has shared his huge collection of these on his blog, and I found this very scene:

According to this draft, the original line is almost identical to ilovewaterslides' English back-translation of the French dub:
"Well, after you become a squire then in time you'll be a knight I suppose."

So the only question remaining is if it was actually on any released English version, or if it was taken out during the final mix prior to release.
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Wow that is a crazy very specific find Servo. That's cool
Well, I've seen these drafts before, I just had a hunch that the drafts would show the dialogue of it was animated to (as it looked to be), I found the draft for that scene and there it was.

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