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Viability of cheap VHS capture
Sorry about that but in ways that's why I almost usually go independent on this. However it was a suggestion and I took it and between there and here I've been convinced to keep going with this.

There had been some contradiction because in my initial post over there I had linked the thread I started over a year back about capturing video without the 'overlap'. However I only linked this in reference to my past video capturing experience, not particularly in reference with my problem. So as a result I had not bothered to skim through that thread again when exploring my current issues.

This goes to show how my memory slips from time to time. When I initially opened that link in his post I was initially surprised how he found that thread until I reread his post saying that I had linked it in my original post to which I ultimately reread said post and yes I did.

So unfortunately I sometimes can't even remember what I or others had posted a few days ago let alone a year ago. As far as his telling me to do my research and what not well you guys saw the links I shared a few days ago so I haven't been ignoring people's suggestions. Plus perhaps it's me but for someone to start a post with 'I didn't respond because this post annoyed me' I don't think I'm putting myself in the right crowd.

I think that's another reason I tend to consult those here because my rapport here has been generally very good and I hope it stays that way. I thank everyone again for their tips. I'm going to keep trying!
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Well I did make ammends for now. Here was the latest response that seems could be helpful. Wink

"A certain vintage of Panasonic DVD recorders are considered among the best. Apparently, their newer models got worse after a certain point. DMR-ES10 is the model that is most prized and is claimed to have the most powerful of Panasonic's TBC offerings. I own DMR-ES15 and DMR-ES25; no substantial difference between those two. Some other Panasonic models from the same years as those models (~2003-2006) have been shown to have similar TBC performance. Off the top of my head, I can't think of any other model numbers without HDDs though, and the HDD models still fetch real money on the used market (at least here in Vancouver, and eBay).

Certain Funai-made DVD recorders are IMO more powerful based on my limited testing, but they have a problem I dubbed the Funai Flicker if fed overly-bright tapes. Additional hardware is required to use them with such tapes (an analog proc amp).

Long thread:
On the last page of that thread, I added some tests.

In-depth TBC comparison with bad VHS (video samples)"
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That's why I was lucky; I have a Panasonic DMR-ES15, too.
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