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Viability of cheap VHS capture
(2018-04-17, 11:39 PM)captainsolo Wrote: I found a nice quasi-pro Sony unit with hifi but it seems i always get occasional tics and slight noise when playing back anything. My only other deck is an old GE which is fine but is only mono.

I have to check the serial number but I know my GE is from 1999.
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So after some searching I found a used JVC S7800U VCR. It has a built in TBC, video stabilizer, and S-Video inputs. I’ll do some test captures when it arrives and report back. Wink
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So I got the VCR and while I am still tinkering with it I’m a bit disappointed because image wise this is softer than the General Electric VCR I’ve been using. Maybe that’ll just have to be my compromise if using S-VIDEO eliminates the glitches.
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