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The Sword In The Stone Open Matte Original Theatrical Mono 1963 Multiaudio Multisubs.
I think something's wrong with the Chinese-Mandarin dub. It's playing the ET theme music over the "That's What Makes the World Go Round" sequence!!
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Yeah, I know about the ET music. I laughed my ass off hearing it, when I was doing the syncing work on this projectTongue

To the best of my knowledge, the Chinese-Mandarin dub was NOT approved by Disney and is (what could be called) a "fan-dub;" although, from what I understand, in the past it was pretty common in China for dubs to be done by "local" studios (i.e. local = region of China) due to the different dialects. Some films have as many as four to six different "dubs" into Chinese. In most cases, they are done quickly and "on the fly" because... well, because it's f*ckin China, LOL :victory:

Anyway, what I'm getting at is, the Chinese-Mandarin dub IS "CORRECT" (read: this is how they dubbed it "X" amount of years ago) and I have "seen" (well, heard actually) weird music in Chinese-dubbed films before. In fact, in the case of this particular film, if you carefully listen to the Chinese track while comparing it to ANY of the other language options, you will notice that not only is the music different at times, but also that nearly all of the sound effects have been re-done in that dub.

There are three reasons that lead me to believe that this is, in fact, the original Chinese dub:

- first, I purchased the Chinese-Mandarin dubbed VCD (very strange that I can't find any Chinese version in any other format for purchase anywhere online, even VHS) from two different stores (one was yesasia and the other I'll have to check because I don't remember off the top of my head) and BOTH were identical, although came with slightly different covers (I realize that this point alone, is not a sufficient level of verification but...)

- second, I had a couple of my Chinese-Mandarin speaking friends verify this audio track for me after I did the syncing work. Amazingly, even though a lot of the music/sfx are changed, it is apparently a relatively faithful translation.

- and lastly, you can actually hear some of the English dialog here and there in the background and some of the original music

I know that the track is very strange, which is why I mentioned that people should take a "look" at it. I am still very amused with how it sounds and I like the voice actor that they chose for Archimedes.
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What, none of Disney's films were released in China?
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That's not what I'm saying...

Disney has released certain films in China, but this has been a lot more recent development and here we are talking about a film from the 1960s... And yes, from what I understand, there are some of the older films that HAVE been dubbed by Disney in China as well, but this film is NOT one of them.
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Huh. Strange that they wouldn't do them all.
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Just downloaded the file.
Thank you very much again jerryshadow, you did a lot of work and the result is exquisite!

I have a problem though with the LD audio.
It seems like it's mixed too loud (comparing to the DVD audio) and it's causing some crackling distortion when I play it.
Well, I can lower the bass - because that seems heavy too - but the high frequencies are what are causing more of the distortion.
If I lower my treble settings in my audio card to 0, the distortion vanishes, but the sound sounds muffled, that's why I always have the treble setting at around 70%.

Do you think it is a problem with my audio settings?
I have some problems with mono audio in Blurays too, causing distortions.
I had mentioned this (about the Giant Bluray) in a forum and someone replied:

Quote:I ran it initially through my OPPO 95, but I then ran it through my processor in DTS Stereo with slightly more gain, and did hear some crackling distortion at the brass/chorus crescendo. The track sounds like it was recorded in very limited range, and sounds pretty bad as far as orchestral recordings go, but it was the mid 50s. Hard to tell if it's the source or the remastering of course.
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Name is JerryShadoe (with an "e" at the end) LOL

Anyway, thanx for the complement about my project and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

I didn't really hear any distortion on my surround system, although I am aware that the LD audio is a LOT louder than the DVD audio. From what I understand, the LD audio in this case is ANALOG and NOT digital, which means it's range is a little smaller and this may account for what you are hearing. I did notice a much higher noise-plain on the LD audio compared to the DVD and I left it "as-is" because otherwise the dialog sounded a little muffled.

If you are experiencing distortions when watching other BDs that have a mono track, then I suspect that it might be your audio settings that are causing a problem.
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I found the original 1965 Finnish dub, in case you're interested in updating the file:
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There are a couple of frames that I'm unhappy with in the encode that I still want to fix, even though I don't think anyone has really noticed (I didn't even notice some of them until I actually went through the film frame-by-frame AGAIN, after I released the project) Although I'm not sure I'll be able to fix them all, as the problems occur in the sources (a couple of them are even on the official DVDs/BDs, but not on the VHS tapes I have caaptured...) but I wanted to see if I can play some games with the frames in PaintShopPro and then re-insert them before another full render. It wouldn't take long, since I'm talking about 3-8 frames (don't remember exactly right now, but it was a very small amount like that)

With how horrible the official release is, I though there would be more interest... Between all of the places where this was available, maybe a total of like 50 people actually acquired this project and that's why I'm not in a hurry to do a "version 2.0"

Those that got it, enjoyed it and I'm happy they did. No one has even mentioned the couple of frames I want to fix, leading me to believe it isn't a big deal since a lot of those people were kind enough to leave their opinions about my results. Don't get me wrong, I do NOT do these projects for money, praise, or big "download numbers" (especially since these can only be shared privately amongst owners of the official BD release) but I was a little disappointed that this project didn't have the interest of more people. Sad

Right now, I have a lot of other projects that need to be finished first before I go back and try to fix things on old releases; HOWEVER, a VERY BIG "THANK YOU" to GoboFraggle1983 for sharing that original Finnish dub!!!

I intend on syncing it to this release and WILL INCLUDE IT with "version 2.0" and might even make the synced audio available now to those interested that have the first versionWink
Thanks given by: GoboFraggle1983
You're welcome! By the way, have far have you gotten with the original Winnie the Pooh shorts (1966-1974)? Have you found any foreign dubs for those particular cartoons as well?
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