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The Sword In The Stone Open Matte Original Theatrical Mono 1963 Multiaudio Multisubs.
(2018-04-11, 12:56 AM)jerryshadoe Wrote: I'm finally have the AMAZN web-dl, but haven't had time to check the audio sync to my release. Will be doing that later tonight and will post any relevant info later.

Hi Smile Did you get my recent PM?
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The Japanese Laserdisc has a Japanese language LPCM Mono track. Another Japanese Laserdisc has Japanese subs that can be transcribed and encoded.
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(2016-01-09, 01:47 AM)jerryshadoe Wrote: Actually, about a year and a half ago or so, I started a MASSIVE project involving "the new adventures of winnie the pooh" series (in SD) AND the original "winnie the pooh" films (in HD) and have been slowly working on it.
Wow. That's truly a herculean task. Are you looking for multiple international soundtracks for these movies/episodes as well? I'm currently hunting for Norwegian VHS tapes from the eighties with original dubs for the featurettes (to be honest, I haven't confirmed that the individual movies were dubbed, so it's possible that the compilation is the only Norwegian dub that exists), and the Norwegian DVD and VHS releases of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. 
A Swedish friend of mine is also trying to collect a complete set of Winnie the Pooh episodes, and I'm sure he can contribute a lot of Swedish dubs, if you're interested.
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OOooooh maaaaaan ! This release looks amazing, and with all those audio files  Smile Norwegian as well (I'm from Norway) !
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That didn't take long...
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Would of been sooner but I had to sleep Smile

But seriously, profanity is against the rules but rarely enforced unless you go all out. Naming yourself Fuckballs is going all out.
New members: Please do not post or PM asking where to get something. Projects are for long term, participating members only. Stick around and make some friends
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