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The Sword In The Stone Open Matte Original Theatrical Mono 1963 Multiaudio Multisubs.

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Jerry Shadoe presents:


Purpose: to provide the highest quality possible of the open-matte transfer with original mono audio for as many languages as possible. The official BD release is a "smear-o-vision" DNR'ed and EE'ed to death mess, is cropped to supposed "OAR," and does only provides a 5.1 upmix for almost all language options.

Video sources: 1080i Disney Cinemagic broadcast, 720p-rip of a 1080i Disney Cinemagic broadcast (different broadcast with logo placed in different place) old transfer 1080p itunes web-dl, EUR/US BD (for timing purposes ONLY)

Audio sources: Lossless audio - LD PCM, lossy - numerous DVDs and DVB broadcast

Subtitles sources: various DVDs and BD

Bonus sources: a film blog for the final draft (thanx to TServo2049 for sharing the link)

Final format: MKV/BD-25

Project info:

The Sword in the Stone has one of the worst releases I have ever seen on BD. It's a DNR'ed mess. On top of that, it's presented in "OAR" at a 1.75 AR which just seems like everything is overcropped. It also does not contain almost any original mono mix. I found two different Disney Cinemagic transfers with the logo in a different spot and managed to "patch" the logo with just those two "patching each other." There was a little bit left that I ran through a de-logo avisynth script. This provided a decent result, but there were still some artifacts present here and there. So, I took the old 1080p itunes transfer, color-matched it to the HDTV (they were close but not identical) overlayed it with a real 35mm grain plate and rendered that out. I used that as an overlay for the HDTV which helped mask any artifacts left and brought some detail out that was missing before (there were frames were due to compression part of the frame would look better on one versus the other and they kind of compliment each other when overlayed) Then, I took that render and overlayed real 35mm grain on that which produced a beautiful result.

I wanted to include all of the original mono mixes I could find and tracked down the English and French PCM from Laserdiscs and tracked down all first edition R1 and R2 DVD releases from 1999 (this was an expensive, painful process for the DVDs) In total, I have 24 original audio mixes included here, most of them the original mono. It took me over two weeks to sync them all...

While syncing each audio track manually (I used the BD video/audio as a time-sync reference for the audio and video of this project) I discovered something at the opening scene at the 27th minute into the film where you can clearly see Merlin talking but there is no audible dialog. There was dialog there originally, which is proven with the fact that the lines are present on two of the dubs (The French and the Italian) as well as in the final draft (thanx to TServo2049 for supplying to link so source images) I downloaded all the source images (all 236 of them) for the entire draft and created a PDF document, which is included with this release. In it, you will see the missing part of the dialog is:

Merlin: "Well, after you become a squire then in time you'll be a knight I suppose."
Wart: "Oh, I wish I could."          I'd give anything to go... here, the part NOT in quotation marks is where the dialog actually starts in the film... These line were impossible to reconstruct, which I really wanted to do, because there is no place in the film (or other films, as I researched the voice actor and some of his other work) where he uses the word "squire" which really sucks. This missing dialog IS present in the English SDH subtitles that I includedSmile

Main Feature Video:

1920x1080, 23.976fps, A.R. ~1.34 (Pillarboxed) AVC encoded ~26mbps

Main Feature Audio:

English - Original mono sourced from JPN LD
English - Original mono sourced from R2 DVD (slightly different than LD track, as it's missing a sound effect)
English - downmixed BD stereo track to mono for reference (included it's for comparison)
French - Original mono dub sourced from PAL LD
Arabic - Original mono dub sourced from a bootleg R1 DVD
Bulgarian - Original mono voice-over sourced from R2 DVD
Chinese Mandarin - Original mono dub sourced from NTSC VCD
Czech - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Danish - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Dutch - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
German - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Greek - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Hebrew - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Hindi - Original mono dub sourced from German BD
Hungarian - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Italian - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Korean - Original mono dub sourced from R3 DVD
Norwegian - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Portuguese (Brazil) - Original mono sourced from R1 DVD
Portuguese (Euro) - Original mono sourced from R2 DVD
Romanian - Original Dolby Stereo dub sourced from R2 DVD
Russian - Original Dolby Stereo dub sourced from EUR BD
Spanish - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Swedish - Original mono dub sourced from R2 DVD
Ukrainian - Original mono voice-over sourced from PAL DVB broadcast

English (all) and French audio are 2ch LPCM 16bit @1536kbps @48kHz
All other audio tracks are 2ch AC3 16bit @224kbps @48kHz

Main Feature Subtitles:

English, French, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese Brazilian, Portuguese European, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish.

Bonus Feature:

The Sword in the Stone Final Draft (external PDF file)

Please feel free to share this release BUT KEEP THIS INFO FILE and the PDF file.
Thanx and Enjoy ;o)
Jerry Shadoe

for information on the development of this project, you can go here:

Release Date: 11-17-2015
by Jerry Shadoe

Extra-Notes: I included all the chapters, with their titles, from the BD releaseWink


[Image: qXAsIVn.png]
[Image: yUw7rpo.png]
[Image: vCH5gnR.png]
[Image: K60zMKC.png]
[Image: U2yJA2J.png]
[Image: ygG7pXu.png]
[Image: XhqtWNL.png]
[Image: b0vhM7k.png]
[Image: pGVN0Jr.png]
[Image: 4nYPwix.png]
[Image: V2o6fLH.png]

Available at an internal organ near you   Eyedrop

Available now aboard the "pirateship at the bay," under the title: The Sword in the Stone - OAR - Original Mono - Multiaudio -1080p :victory: Confuseduperman: :victory:
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Great stuff!
Congrats on the finished project jerry! Can't wait to watch it.
Thanx man. Really happy with how this one turned out. EnjoyWink
Thank you very much jerry. I was going to make room for this and download much later, but I see it has been deleted now from myspleen! Sad
An admin removed it for reason: disney. Undecided
Man, I am sooooo sick of that sh*t!!!

This is not the first time where they have deleted my stuff that is Disney while there is a TON of other disney stuff on there. TO THOSE ALREADY DOWNLOADING: fear not, for you will get the complete thingSmile

Since this is the case, I am open to suggestions of where to make this available (NOT on BT as that is too small of a place)
If not BT, then the only other options are public trackers.
Hmmm... then it looks like I might just have to figure out how to post stuff at a certain Russian place... Wish me luck, as I don't read Russian and this is going to be a firstWink

If all goes well, I will post an update stating so.
At least you know at BT it won't be taken down. Not sure why the spleen has to do this, and then let others get away with it.

How is BT too a small place, if anything the spleen is way too a small.
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