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[request] Akira Bluray Original Stereo Audio

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Does anyone have the original Japanese stereo audio from the 2011 Bluray of Akira?
I own the 2014 Bluray, which drops this track and only has the Japanese 5.1 remix.
The 2011 Bluray is out of print and I would love to mux this track to my copy of the film.
I can be found at fanrestore
I have that release with the 2.0 LPCM stereo track. PM me for detailsWink
I wonder, what would the difference be between the 2011 BD LPCM, and the Japanese laserdiscs? Just curious because I know Buster D lives in Japan, and could probably get either of the LD releases (they both have digital PCM tracks - the U.S. Criterion only had the Japanese on the analog.)
Yeah, I'd imagine I could get an Akira LD for pennies, since it was one of the best selling discs over here. The 2.0 on the 1st BD is probably just as good or better though, the Japanese are pretty good at not messing with 2.0 audio on anime BDs for the most part. I synched the audio from the Perfect Edition LD of Macross: Do You Remember Love to its BD, but the 2.0 on the BD was pretty much the same as far as I could tell.

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