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[Help Request...]Various frame rates in single project

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(2015-11-25, 10:18 AM)jerryshadoe Wrote: When using an AviSynth script, are you basically blending frames to achieve the "desired" frame-rate or are you using some interpolation (which can cause jerky motion depending on type of footage) when dealing with progressive footage to be rendered progressive as well? This is assuming, of course (and in this case, this is the assumption) that the duration must remain the same.

AviSynth has a number of ways to change frame-rate without affecting duration. There are built-in functions for duplicating or blending frames.  Frame interpolation is achieved using external plug-ins.

Quote:I was just under the impression that a "formula" may exist for dealing with this type of footage (i.e. true, progressive, various frame-rates that need to be all exported into one-single frame rate)

As far as I'm aware, there's no formula, only personal preference.

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