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Hey everyone,

I'm in search of fans so that we can get finally some of the Season 1 of MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE episodes uncut.

I'm looking for someone still owning a VHS version, probably UK in Pal format of MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE S01E01 UNCUT so that we might preserve it.

For anyone not informed, the current master that is available on DVD and iTunes HD is cut, especially in the beginning of the episode.

Here's the cuts

- As Briggs arrives in the warehouse, he wanders about, then he eyes the woman, and walks to her. In the official DVD, he doesn't wander, we do see him eyeing the girl, then immediately he's through the door. The scene is reduced, for no apparent reason.

- After the record self destruct, we miss shots of Briggs arriving at home, dresses off, pours himself a drink, grabs the folder. The available episode resumes right there, missing the whole action. You can hear there's a cut because the music abruptly changes and can see the drink on the table, that is almost empty since Briggs savored it while thinking the mission.

I think there is more. The late 90's UK VHS were complete and uncut. One would like a preverv.

There are other cuts in season 1 episode, including one episode that have the mission tape scene replaced with one from another episode, with just the actual audio from the episode edited in place.

This one was also released on UK VHS intact. Here's a link with VHS info http://www.mission-impossible.tv/english...deoEng.htm

I will google for more info and post them here when I find them.
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There were six "Best of" Laserdisc releases in the 90's.




There were also Japanese season box sets with bilingual audio tracks. They aren't cheap though.
I think this version of the pilot is indeed uncut.

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