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Adding custom Bluray name to show up in player
Hi guys,

I was wondering how could I add name for my Bluray disc that would later show up in players, like SpoRv does with his releases.

[Image: k0v2gbp.jpg]
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It's a feature found in multiAVCHD.

You can read more about it and download the free software here:
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It's part of the PS3 Thumbnail feature - here's the link to the doom9 topic where it was discussed and the author of multiAVCHD decided to add it:

You can make this yourself, and just drop it in the relevant folder of your build.
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Didn't realize that this is a PS3 feature... will this also display on other players?

It's cool that this can be done by someone without the use of multiAVCHD; thanx for posting that thread dvdboyWink
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It's displaying on my Sony Bluray Smile
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(2015-11-30, 01:40 AM)jerryshadoe Wrote: Didn't realize that this is a PS3 feature... will this also display on other players?

As Colek says it's also good for Sony Players, although the most popular player to use the feature is the PS3 hence it's become a bit of a short hand.

The whole metadata part of the Blu-ray spec was really open to some cool stuff.  Unfortunately the support 'peaked' at the thumbnail and title of the 'DL' or Disc Library metadata.
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