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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly International Cut/US Theatrical Cut (Quick Project)
(2016-01-14, 07:49 AM)IcePrick Wrote: It's about time I watch this movie again. So, I'm looking forward to this. Big Grin
By the way, I have the PAL version of the 98 DVD, if that would be of any use to you.

Slightly OT: Does there exist proper English subtitles for the Italian Cut (translated from the Italian dialogue)?

Thanks IcePrick. I don't think I need a copy at this moment but thanks for the offer.

(2016-01-14, 08:55 AM)Lil Brutto Wrote: The US/IC 35MM prints also have this inconsistency.

Got it. It just seemed more prominent on the Mondo, maybe because I have never tried grading it before.

(2016-01-14, 08:55 AM)Lil Brutto Wrote: I'm happy to check it out.

Thank you sir!

(2016-01-14, 07:49 AM)IcePrick Wrote: Slightly OT: Does there exist proper English subtitles for the Italian Cut (translated from the Italian dialogue)?

(2016-01-14, 08:55 AM)Lil Brutto Wrote: That's a very good question. It would be great to have English subtitles that are a literal translation of the Italian script. To the best of my knowledge, they don't exist. We should seriously consider having someone fluent in both languages tackle this.

Agreed, luckily we have some Italian members Smile

(2016-01-14, 01:15 PM)Chewtobacca Wrote: ^ Yes; I'd leave the optical titles.  The color change is a known thing.

Quote:Well my 93 PCM is a raw capture. By that I mean it still has the MGM home video music, the trailer's soundtrack, the silence of the side turnover and dead air where I swapped the LDs and at the end when the movie was finished. So at a bare minimum it has to be cut down and synced to the HD.

Oh, I see.  You just meant the standard editing that one always has to do with LD captures.   Thanks for clarifying!

PM sent about the Tuco shots.

Yeah just cleaning up the track by editing out the garbage and positioning it correctly. I'll make the final PCM track 48/16 but I'll also run off a 44.1/16 version as an extra.

Thanks for the addtional video Chew
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(2016-01-14, 06:30 PM)PDB Wrote: I'll make the final PCM track 48/16 but I'll also run off a 44.1/16 version as an extra.

Big Grin

Quote:Thanks for the additional video Chew

You're most welcome.
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(2016-01-14, 06:54 PM)Chewtobacca Wrote:
(2016-01-14, 06:30 PM)PDB Wrote: I'll make the final PCM track 48/16 but I'll also run off a 44.1/16 version as an extra.

Big Grin

I try to know my audience.

Hey Lil Brutto, got a small question for you. Does the 35mm US print have this credit:

[Image: 4_K_00_00_14_05_Still009.png]

or this one:

[Image: 4_K_00_00_14_05_Still008.png]

I'm just curious since the first looks unique to the 93 and looks original (also similar to the Mondo's credit). It's something I can't recreate.
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We have two IB TECH 35MM prints of the US cut and they're identical in this regard...

First this:

[Image: GBU-IB-TECH-1-UA_zpscnjhknzk.jpg]

Then this:

[Image: GBU-IB-TECH-2-PEA_zpswh2zijhl.jpg]
Thanks given by: jerryshadoe , PDB
Wow, I am really diggin that darker, deep-red from the 35mm Ok
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Thanks Lil Brutto, I appreciate it.

I thought it might the same as the 93 version. Wonder why it was changed. Maybe because A Film By in the the rest of the world is a director credit or the copyright notice to PEA.
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I know I'm very late to the party, but I'm glad to see the international cut, or at least an approximation based on the '93 LD, is being restored. It's a much faster paced cut, in line with the other two of the trilogy, and viewers should have the option to go to it rather than the bloated '04 cut.

The Mondo's definitely a good video source. Even if the 4K should have superior detail, it loses some from the crushed blacks and the overall lack of color fidelity.

This looks like it's shaping up to be another fine PDB project. Smile
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Thanks Aluminum Falcon. It does seem to be more in line with the other films.

I just wish the 4K was useful. The intro and 4-5 shots I used from it were hard as hell to get into line. That's why I had to start using the older US transfer

Anyway an update. I have the film edited together into 93 form, got to tweak the color in a few shots a bit and am syncing the soundtrack right now.
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Thanks for taking this on. Despite the other ongoing work, this needed to be done to save what is probably the first version we all saw, and one so inherently better than the studio's "extended" cut. At least Leone got a chance to cut his own picture down and TBH may have made some better editing decisions after the long premiere and Italian cuts.

The color differences are generational. They always happen in and around the onscreen titles and appear this way on every iteration of the film I've ever encountered. Just natural degradation for opticals.

I remember when I got the 4K and popped it in, thinking...oh they did a full 4K scan it can't be that bad, we're not talking WB here...and then immediately hit eject and said WTF. Then they reissue it with a lossy mono track. Then of course half-ass DYS again. MGM really does not care one iota about these and if there wasn't such a Leone fanbase would probably never release them at all outside of Eastwood collections.

So the differences between the 93 and 98 are all small frame differences and tiny cuts right? It seems that no Leone picture can ever be identical across any comparison. IIRC Lil Brutto even found a few places in the 98 DVD that were different from the LD-and they use the same transfer! Also, I'm pretty sure given the near identical marks in several scenes that the 93 and 98 are based from the same source or an IP, like standard MGM LD procedure. Despite claims at the time this is how you see if any real "restoration" was done. (Thunderball is the same, it was not restored, just merely repressed onto CAV with a new sound mix and altered timing of the master.) I think they merely substituted a new source with correct English captions but used significant portions of the old master as well but obviously re-run and retimed.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
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The 90/93 LD is sourced from a theatrical print (reel change cue markers are visible) whereas the 98 DVD/LD is sourced from an IP.

As PDB mentioned earlier in this thread, the 98 DVD is missing the shot of Blondie holstering his gun (after gunning down the 3 bounty hunters) but it's present on the 98 LD. It's meant to be in the film but for some reason it's cut out of the DVD.
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