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Hello Everyone

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Hello everyone. My name is Christopher and its a great privilege for me to be part of this forum. Im a huge supporter of preservation so Im intrigued by online communities like this and originaltrilogy.com, the latter of which Im also a member of. I hope to see some interesting projects and hopefully contribute to some as well. Any questions feel free to ask. Thank you everyone.  Big Grin
Hello, Christopher! Smile
Hello my friend!
On behalf of the community, "Welcome to fanres!" Big Grin
Well thank you. Again I feel privileged.
Welcome... to the world of tomorrooooow! ...you are a Futurama fan, right? Otherwise this is kind of awkward for me. Actually, never mind. Hello.
Haha hello
Ah, yes, the world of tomorrow Big Grin

[Image: 1035x582-SIMPSONS-FUTURAMA_612x381.jpg]
The future of the past is now!

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