Jaws LD mono track

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Jaws LD mono track
(2016-12-21, 06:36 AM)crissrudd4554 Wrote: A video I made a few months back for a discussion on originaltrilogy.com where I detail some of the differences between some the mono mixes, and stereo in a few instances, used on the home video releases. (A bit long but informative)


Really insightful stuff, good work.

I decided to pick up the 2005 dvd and have synced the mono mix to the blu-ray (only needed a slight adjustment). If anyone wants the audio file just PM me
Thanks given by: crissrudd4554
Another 16mm print has popped up in the usual bay. It's got water damage, which might keep the big bidders away.
Anybody know if this sort of damage can be treated?
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I wanted to share this for folks who may be misinformed with the 7.1 mix on the BD. Some reviews imply it’s a faithful recreation of the original mono in surround which is simply not the case. Here’s the proof.



Surround (2000 mix)


Surround (2012 mix)


Note that the last two are more or less the same?? The last one has slightly better balance and it does restore Brody pumping the rifle and the ricochet but nonetheless clearly is not a surround replication of the mono.
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