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Grease LD PCM preservation
(2017-05-21, 10:14 PM)SilverWook Wrote: Afraid not. Sad

Came up dry with dadons. (Out of stock) Good squid seems to be our only option. Never bought anything from them before, but LDDB forum members have nothing but nice things to say about them. Don't if shipping counts towards the $25 minimum order, so I might have to buy something else from them. Unless somebody else here wants to take the plunge?

I've purchased from Good Squid a couple of times (more specifically, the guy who runs Good Squid). I'd say he's very trustworthy. He's also fairly easy to reach on Facebook.
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I'm happy to report that PILF-1984 was captured (bit perfect) and synchronized to the 2009 US BD release back in August of last year.

SilverWook: PM me.
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Great news, especially since I don't have to throw more money down the hole.

A copy of PILF-1984 is more elusive than the holy grail. Wink
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Was that the rip Buster D did? The one which sounded much worse than the PAL version, almost as if it were a conversion of the old analog master?
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This would seem to prove that original 1978 release prints had the coke signs blurred out.

[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

Chris Solo where are you?
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