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Moving project Threepio to FanRes?
I'm likely to move the active Project Threepio thread from to FanRes in the near future. Since it's not a preservation per se, but supplemental material for specific preservations, which subforum would it work best in?

Yeah, and this probably isn't even the best subforum for this question either. I just don't want to mess with whatever organizational system is already in place.
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Probably bonus projects. Smile
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Bonus project subforum is the right place! Big Grin
Sadly my projects are lost due to an HDD crash... Sad
Fundamental Collection | Vimeo channel | My blog
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CatBus, why do you want to move the active thread here? Obviously, you'll keep the thread, and there's no reason why there can't be a thread here too, but I can't imagine that most people who want to have the subs or contribute to them will sign up over here. The thread will probably always be more active. Project Threepio has always struck me as one of the core SW projects, like hairy_hen's audio mixes, so I was surprised when you posted this thread.
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His thread there probably reached the limit of "PM sent"s.
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Heh. No, this is a "project safety" move, and it has recently dropped in urgency, but this is still good info to know. There was a recent forum rule change at that I consider myself extremely likely to run afoul of, and I actually did run afoul of it within the first few hours of its implementation, earning myself one out of three strikes before banning at I told myself that the second I hit two strikes, I would move the Project Threepio discussion thread, posting appropriate notices and referral messages to minimize confusion. I've also gotten the e-mail addresses of a lot of my collaborators so that I can work with members through back channels.

I don't want to be banned, obviously, but I recognize that the nature of the new rule, combined with my nature as a user, don't mix well, and I don't want to leave the project stranded over at without some clear way forward.

Since then, I have had my first strike rescinded, and I'm trying to consciously avoid reading -1's threads like the plague, for fear of reflexively welcoming him back when he posts. So maybe I'll last a while over there yet. There's a big difference between one and two strikes to go before I have to move my thread.
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I'm glad that the warning was rescinded. I know what you're referring to and have seen others do far worse!

Having a back-up is always a sensible idea.
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