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Bluray playlists - making composite cuts

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I would want to know if anyone played around with playlists on Blurays. Basically I want to add two different cuts of movie on my Bluray, when having separate file for deleted scenes.

So I would have regular cut on one playlist using file 1.m2ts, with all it's audios and subtitles, but I would want to have playlist two, that would use 1.m2ts and place various parts of 2.m2ts where it's told.
This kind of branched playback is do-able to an extent, but it's not really an exact science in the fan-editing realm - folks have dabbled with the idea from time to time (such as Darth Lucas' ultimate Star Wars Blu-ray project) but it hasn't yet been properly implemented afaik.

To get you started, here's a neat guide to using MultiAVCHD to merge playlists from disparate files and create alternate edits:


You should be aware that you will need more than two files: the main video (1.m2ts in your example) will need to be separated into sections to allow the extra content to be inserted, and that extra content will need to be stored in discrete pieces to be selectively inserted.

The main issue that people have had is seamlessness, or lack of. There's some discussion in Darth Lucas' thread on OT about using BDedit to smooth the transitions, but no-one seems to have it working... yet!
Thank you for your reply. I'll see if there is any way of making this as smooth as possible, having 4 different cuts of movie on one disc would be awesome, even if really it's really effort Smile

I think I had some retail Bluray among my collection that actually had every scene in separate file, I'll go through it all on weekend.

I may be able to help you with that using Scenarist BD  Big Grin

Please let me know if you still have the desire to do this, of course I would need to be given all of the necessary files in order to do this.

Can you please tell me do you have these versions split into separate smaller files to make up the movie as in my method I would like to make separate playlists but have the files to put in order to be used as you desire, basically using the same files twice in different playlists in the order you want them in if that is what you are hoping to achieve.

I can also do a custom menu for you but that all depends on what you want.

Look forward to your reply thank you 


Thank you very much for your offer Smile I am pretty much done with project that I wanted to add this into, so I don't think I'll be revising it for adding few cuts into it. But I will propably use your help in my future releases, thank you Smile

I am glad you managed to finish this project

In future if I can help I will do my best thank you

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