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Generic Pre-Abrams Star Trek Sources Archives (VHS,8mm,Trailers,Etc.)

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(2016-02-09, 07:29 PM)Chewtobacca Wrote: Jetrell Fo, is it possible that we could make this a generic thread for the pre-Abrams Trek movies? We've already discussed non-VHS releases. If not, I'm happy to open another thread. Smile


Chewtobacca, I started a new thread for the VHS ONLY discussion per your suggestion. I hope it is adequate.



(2016-02-10, 10:16 PM)SilverWook Wrote: I used to have a bunch of those in the 90's, all issued by Phillips. TMP had really nice disc art of the Enterprise's saucer section. VCD's are blocky as hell though.

Wow wasn't aware of these, Do you still have the TMP VCD by chance? And is/was it the Special Longer Edition? I'm hoping to experiment with up scaling the deleted scenes to something even nicer than the "fanfiltration" VHS recreation. I couldn't find one on ebay and I'm hoping I won't need to buy expensive LD gear just for one movie. So far I have the theatrical bluray, PAL directors and NTSC directors cuts to play with but need some special edition goodness.
Sorry, sold them off with my CDI player years ago. Pretty sure it was the theatrical, as the longer version would have made it a three disc set. And it was pan and scan not widescreen.

There is a German VCD on Ebay though. Probably not English...
(This post was last modified: 2016-06-11, 11:00 PM by SilverWook.)
Ah thanks for the info, 3 CD's would make sense, I was reading this blog where someone thinks it's a mistaken print that it's the longer version.
"The first star trek movie (the motion picture) has "special longer version" on the cover. this suggests that it is the longer TV version that was released on Laserdisc in the US, but when you watch the movie, you will realize it is just the normal version, so the "special longer version" is incorrect."
Nice find on the German VCD, I've gone and ordered a regular edition from another online store, so looking forward to having a peek in a few weeks.
I'll keep an eye out for the special longer cover just to confirm if one shows up.

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