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Generic Pre-Abrams Star Trek Sources Archives (VHS,8mm,Trailers,Etc.)
Hey all,

I purchased a few Widescreen Edition VHS tapes.  I really wanted the cool ass info cards that came with them.

Anyways, would anyone be interested in these if I cap and transfer them?  I purchased ST IV, Generations, First Contact, and Insurrection.  I am working on getting the TWOK which has an info card as well.  These are the only ones I've found on fleabay so far but I will search out the rest.  

Now I know it's VHS and there are LD, DVD, and Bluray versions but some of us watched them like this first.

Let me know.


If you like a specific part of this thread PLZ quote a post that mentions it when posting so that folks know exactly what you're interested in.


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I'm interested in II and IV. Smile
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OK, cool. TWOK is gonna cost a few bucks but I want that card, LOL.

These are letterboxed VHS releases so for me, that is cool.

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(2016-02-03, 12:17 AM)Chewtobacca Wrote: I'm interested in II and IV. Smile

ST IV just arrived and I'm waiting on II. I'm going to manually clean my Panasonic AG1980 before capping these since they are still sealed new. I'll update here when I'm done.

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I know I saw a Trek film among the few movies Paramount released on Super VHS, but damned if I can find proof of it today. I doubt it was widescreen though.
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First Contact arrived today, sealed, so all I'm waiting on is TWOK.

I've always enjoyed letterboxing and I'm not even sure why. I think it's the dynamics it gives off due to the presentation.

I'd be interested to know which Star Trek movie may have made it to S-VHS.
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Not sure how reliable this is, but using and entering "star trek" "super vhs" I got an m.ebay result, but when I click on it, it redirects me to current VHS tapes for sale and I can't view that listing at all (and I have been able to view numerous old listings of stuff that sold on ebay in the past so I don't know what's going on here) Here's a screenshot:

[Image: i94TSDO.png]

There have been a couple of references that I have found to Star Trek II and IV having been released on SVHS, but nothing I have been able to confirm with the people making the claims or with any kind of screenshots.

However, let me share what I have foundWink

The first reference is about Star Trek II being available on SVHS in letterbox format, is made by a user named "substance" over on the LDDB forums. The thread where this is referenced is here

The second reference is about Star Trek IV, albeit this one is a little less obvious. According to a post from April 01, 2011 - 7:39 am by user "Adam Bomb" on this page, "...the Blu-Ray [my edit: he's referencing the Star Trek IV BD, which becomes obvious if you read the few posts before it, and this post is located towards the bottom of the page] doesn't include the "Directors" featurette from the basic DVD. That was a carryover from the Super-VHS release..."

So far, these are the only three things that I have found that suggest that, at least, II and IV had a SVHS release.
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I read somewhere in a google group that a person had ST: VI in SVHS format. These must be rare releases that were very limited. I don't ever see them for sale anywhere.
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I just bought a rare VHS Widescreen copy of ST: TMP Director's Cut. It will be interesting to see if nothing else.

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