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Links posted on Thread.

Ive tried to post a download link on a thread and it's not working for me.
Ive tried in the original post, Quick Reply and New Reply options.
Amending original post looks good in the editor then is published with empty video links (I did have direct link videos from youtube published here and replaced the link with download links).
Quick Reply hangs with a spinning circle.
New Reply takes me back to the FanRes main page.

It might be because of the download destination (ADrive) or that it has .mp4 at the end?
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Dunno... Sad

Need more investigations, though!
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It seems to be working with MEGA links, although I was unable to Quick Edit. Any changes I made to the post were removed when I published. Full edit worked just fine.
Will continue to investigate and report back here.
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Thaks for your effort! This is a young forum, and as such some bugs here and there is expected...
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