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If... Offer

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Film reels from 8mm to 70mm is very rare now & unfortunately we can't expect to be officially scanned and released on Blu-Ray as bonus. So who have them... collectors all around the world.
They are gathering over 35mm-8mm forum and on various other sites, including eBay.

"I'll Make Him an Offer He Can't Refuse"

Free Scanning For Collectors

If they choose to sell some of the reels and want to have them digitized or just to have them as backup, it can cost a fortune. Some of them probably even don't have equipment to screen them, so this for them can be great opportunity to finally see them.

Making topic Free Scanning over 8-35mm forum... or PM them.

Offer is:
1. Borrow the reels for free
2. Free raw compressed as BD50, all above they need to pay for HDDs
3. Finished project for free: cleaned, color corrected... BD50
4. Call them to join to FanRes

The target can be 8-16mm, with some luck maybe 35mm too.

Good word can spread very fast.

Let's say that I have some of film reels. WOW! Confuseduperman:
But I don't have equipment to screening them. Damn! Confusedhock:
But even that I have equipment, and reels are in good-bad shape but that is not matter, why not to take this offer?
Ok cool, but do you have the equipment to scan film?
I saw post over OT that guy who scan reels say:
Anyone who want have scanned own reels can send PM.
I don't want to sound negative, but I believe the amount of trust needed for this to work is too high. If I was a collector I would never agree to send my films to someone I don't personally know, not to mention you don't know what kind of expertise that OT guy has.
He is Poita, and there is probably few more.

Trusting: here is a cure.
Whoever chose to be volunteer to start this offer outside FanRes and OT must have raw video samples from previous scans. And of course knowledge about this matter (tipe of reels...). Show them what is done and what is in progress.

They probably have some 8mm reels in bad shape or films with runningtime of 10-20min, there is no doubt that someone will try this offer.

After first one ther will be secound, and so on and on.......
Like I said beafore, the good word can spread very fast.

This can change whole thing, I Mean Whole Thing.

Collectors + Fans = Paradise :hearts:
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I admire your enthusiasm for sure but it's not as simple as you've made it sound and look. I contacted a person on OT who offered something similar. After our first pm contact or two they stopped responding. I have not heard from them since. Poita has a full plate already and although there are others, the cost some of use endure purchasing films even with donations, certainly stay slow because there isn't an open ended money account for us to use.

Ideas are good so keep em coming.

Only time and of course good presentation can build a trust.
With just a little of optimism and good will.
Only need to make one same topic over few forums and maybe something will appear in next half to 1 year. Collectors are not a small greens.
Don't forget that unexpected things happens.

I saw on OT that some collector borrowed reels to T-1 for SW. OK SW is special case.
Did anyone expected 35mm preservation of SW when T-1 was announce them? I don't think so.

That's it. I leave it to someone of you.
You can't know until you try.

Fu****g voodoo magic, man.   Wink
Poita said he's done with the OT forums for the time being.

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