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DoStudio - Blank screen

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Has anyone got some knowledge with using DoStudio? I been trying to author my Bluray disc in it for few days now, but I always end up with blank screen after the Trial message shows up on my player. I tried it on both Sony Bluray Player and Software player, but both have same issue.

I even tried just using the sample project from Sony's website, but after I change the menu to my own and change the video, it's all blank again.

Maybe someone could help me out? I can send the project files/Bluray files.

[Image: miracles-MAINMENU.png]
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By sounds of it you have a non working trial version of the software ?

Can you please tell me what is your movie files and menu format ? Are they even fully Bluray compliant ?

I could maybe help if they are all on the Dropbox link ?

Sorry if I'm not reading your post correctly just seems fairly ambiguous

Hope to help you ?
Trial software alone works great, but I can't get it to work with my own menu.

.264 files, encoded using following x264 command line

x264 --pass 1 --bitrate 2500 --bluray-compat --level 4.1 --preset slow --tune film --keyint 24 --sar 1:1 --slices 4 --vbv-bufsize 30000 --vbv-maxrate 40000 --b-pyramid none --weightp 0 --colorprim bt709 --transfer bt709 --colormatrix bt709 --merange 24 --stats ".stats" --opencl --output NUL "intro.avs"

x264 --pass 2 --bitrate 2500 --bluray-compat --level 4.1 --preset slow --tune film --keyint 24 --sar 1:1 --slices 4 --vbv-bufsize 30000 --vbv-maxrate 40000 --b-pyramid none --weightp 0 --colorprim bt709 --transfer bt709 --colormatrix bt709 --merange 24 --stats ".stats" --opencl --output "intro.264" "intro.avs"


It will be available on Dropbox once it finishes uploading. It's both project files and compiled BD. It's using just the sample from Sony's website, my own menu and intro I added (Changed the FBI Warning from Sample actually with this video).
Hi Colek

Is the project now available via the Dropbox link thanks, if so I can grab and take a look

Could you please include the menu and possibly provide more information as to how you made the menu, in Photoshop I presume ?

Is the menu compiled properly IG menu with displayset,Page,BOG,Slicing and so on ?

Look forward to see it and help where I can

I already found the problem with the project. I asked on official DoStudio's forum and found out that background image shouldn't be 1920x1080 Smile It works perfectly now.

Thank you!
Funny how sometimes it's something that simpleTongue

Happy to hear that you got it all sorted outOk

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