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[proposal] Tron "Reflickered"
Apparently for Tron's BD release, the "flickering" visual eccentricities - I'm talking about the sudden "pops" in bright contrast on the live-action characters, which was compenstated for by way of additional 'pops' and 'flickers' in the animated image to make everything somewhat uniform - were minimized. That is to say, the animated effects remain, but the original problem was corrected. This adjustment was actually sanctioned by the director, and while I think it falls within acceptable levels of alteration, I do have the 20th anniversary DVD, so I might be able to upscale and restore it to the BD if someone wants it. What do you think?
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You have an example? Not sure how you can add specific flickering back in without a hell of a lot of work.
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I... don't have an example on me, no.
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