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Heavy Metal (1981) LD vs BD audio comparison PLUS downmixing tips
I should have samples of the missing sounds up tonight if my internet cooperates.
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No worriesWink

I'll take a look at it and let you guys know what can be done. Out of curiosity, was the audio on the VHS tape mono or stereo, as that does make a rather big difference in terms of splicing everything back in. Not saying that mono couldn't be spliced in, but it would require a little more finesse.
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It's mono, and sadly not even Hi Fi. I doubt there were many stereo bootlegs out there in the old days. I bought more than a few "gray market" tapes at cons in the early 90's, and the quality was all over the map. I went through a lot of extra hassle on this, because the tape had either mold or bug droppings inside the shell, which required a little transplant surgery of the reel before I was going to risk playing it. I'm amazed the tape wasn't completely blank, or had been recorded over with pron to be honest. Wink

These are VOB files easily viewed in VLC media player. I captured the sound as PCM. If the links don't work, let me know!!68V2zBaR!N_D-o1LfDLjQu...k6GqIgVXHw!G89CCZYJ!LmTTcR3SYDt-V...XXdbUAM8DU

There will hopefully be a better quality source for these very soon.
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get the first Heavy Metal DVD from 1999 that has a Dolby Surround/Pro Logic Mix, that is most likely the theatrical stereo track!! convert it to WAV/PCM and it will get rid of the dialnorm!!
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Amazing work
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