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Ransomware - Virus - CryptoWall

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Today, I was attacked by Ransomware CryptoWall.

txt, srt, pdf, avi, mpg, jpg, png... files is encrypted but not all. Which means they are useless now.


For now I only scanned HDD with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware & SpyHunter.

Still searching what I need to do next.

Instal this and probably you can be safe.

First Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware beta!
Not sure what does that have to go with our forum software, but ok.

I never understood how people get shit like this on their computers. You would literally have to run yourmovie.exe, or something similar
Do you use anything like Kaspersky internet security? That gives some proper shield and if you buy it online (I buy it from Amazon UK when it goes in offer) it costs like 15 euro a year. Money well invested
This thing you can get by email.
That is why I post it here that others can protect themselves.


Quote:Ransomware is made for companies or business people without a backup of important data and they have no other choice then pay for unlock key for files.

Your files are encrypted.
To get the key to decrypt files you have to pay 500 USD. If payment is not made before 03/03/16 - 10:43
the cost of decrypting files will increase 2 times and will be 1000 USD/EUR

Some of DVDs vob files is encrypted too. Sad
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Well, this has ZERO to do with forum softwareEyedrop

I also do not understand how people get stuff like this on their computers. For safe web surfing, I use a combo of Anti-Malwarebytes, Peerblock, and I run TrendMicro Housecall once a week. Also, I do the majority of my web surfing inside a virtual machine, so if anything wrong does occur, I just delete that virtual machine and start with a new one. I don't even have any active anti-virus software installed and somehow my machine comes up clean on any scan.

It's all about how you surf the web, where you go on the web (there are TONS of sites out there that just "fish" for your info) and be careful about opening ANY attachments in e-mail (even when it's from people you know) and NEVER open them on a "regular" machine but always via virtual machine. (as I have seen virus stuff not only in executable's, but text, image and video files as well, and, on occasion, if you visit a "questionable" website link)
Holy smoke. This time I have a really BIG fortune, only 90GB is lost. Happy

Protect yourselves before is too late.

CryptoLocker infections by country. Source: Fox-IT

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