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The Mummy Laserdisc

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Does anyone here have this on Laserdisc and can or be willing to send it out to have the audio captured? It would be awesome to have for sure.


Silverwook sent me a link to an eBay auction for The Mummy on Laserdisc .... Signature Collection. I don't normally see this one but I put in an offer already. Would anyone like to donate to it's purchase and shipping for capturing of the audio?

It's @ $49.99 but I offered $30.00 to start to see if I could get it even a little cheaper as my budget is a little limited. This would make a great addition to HD-DVD to Bluray Mummy project I want to do. DarkJedi has one he did himself that I was hoping to get a copy of but this might help make it a little sweeter as a whole.

I won the Laserdisc for my $30.00 offer. Anyone interested in donating may pm me for my paypal addy.


I'm happy to capture it for you.
(2016-03-01, 11:12 PM)Lil Brutto Wrote: I'm happy to capture it for you.

Where abouts do you live? Silverwook has offered to capture as well. He was also kind enough to donate a little to the cause.

It looks like you are both in the US so that's a better option. I'm in Canada.

Silverwook should be added to the list in this thread if he's willing to capture audio for the rest of the community:

Yeah guys, let me know if I should add him to the listWink

Awesome purchase! Got a lot going on right now, but I'd be willing to help you guys sync the audio so... yeah, let me know.
Still not sure how this could compare to the Cinema DTS we have, but hey. Wink
(2016-03-02, 01:05 AM)DoomBot Wrote: Still not sure how this could compare to the Cinema DTS we have, but hey. Wink

The LD itself is a nice buy even if it doesn't go towards a project. I do not want anyone to feel forced to donate anything. I got it covered on my end and Silverwook offered because him and I were interested in the audio AND the video as there is at least 1 trailer that wasn't ported over to the DVD and the color timing may be different or what not. Either way it's a good purchase since this particular release doesn't show up a lot and it is the last released Signature Collection LD's from Universal.


Smile Smile
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So everyone knows, we will share the captured audio freely once it is done. It may come in handy for others.

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