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Goodfellas (1990) PCM Stereo Mix

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As everyone knows, this classic got an excellent remaster last year with heavily upgraded PQ. However, the new DTS-HD audio seems a bit off balance, with the voice overs too loud in the mix (to my ears anyway).

I'm in the process of testing the Dolby Digital mix from the old blu-ray to see how much of a difference there is but would be interested to know if anyone has the PCM Stereo mix from the Laserdisc that they could share as another alternative? This review of the old HD-DVD suggests it's better that the Dolby Digital:


We have the LD audio, just not synced yet. http://www.lddb.com/laserdisc/36925/NJL-...Goodfellas
Jerry up for a task? Wink As if you don't have enough to do already.
When I'm done syncing the three sync projects I got right now, I'd be happy to tackle GoodfellasWink
I'll put it up for ya Smile
Just keep in mind that it might be a few days before I even get to it, plus I got my move coming up. It's a chaotic time for me right now, but this type of work is actually great therapy for meTongue

I will keep on tackling these, just give me a moment. Once I'm all moved in to the new place, I'll also resume my video projects (they have been on hold for the last couple of weeks) and you guys will start seeing some cool stuff popping up, including a greatly needed upgrade to Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates (for now, only two of the 65 episodes [in every English audio version available] are sourced from DVD, whereas the rest are all low quality VHS rips. I will be upgrading the entire series to DVD/DBV/SATrip sources for video and doing some massive audio clean-up for some of the episodes) The series will never see an official release in the US, because when Fox Kids Worldwide got sold in July of 2001, it was Disney that bought it and they already have a Peter Pan so the series got thrown into their vaults to probably never see the light of day again.

Anyway, back to topic: hopefully, will start working on the Goodfellas LDsync next week (time permitting)
No hurry at all, we'll survive without for a good deal of time. Wink
Yeah no rush at all. Interestingly the old Blu-ray with Dolby Digital doesn't have the same problem but I'm sure the PCM will sound even better!
I second this. I tracked down the LD for this mix and love it. I'm not the biggest fan of the film, (prefer CASINO, which also sounds good in DS on LD despite being a DTS title) but the mix is far better than the 5.1 track in terms of ambiance and that it suits the period time, voiceovers and the production year far better.
The old DVD flipper may be a 5.1 rendering of the LD audio, and the later DVD/first BD might be the same track. However when WB did this they would at times reprocess audio tracks, adding NR and the like so it takes heavy comparison.
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
Very awesome that we have this. I'd help sync it in a heartbeat, although I'd much prefer having a video reference of the LD to work with.

(And that goes for many other films that are sitting in the collective sync queue! -- if anyone can provide a video of the LD from which the PCM was captured, I'd be happy to help out~)

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