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Do The Right Thing - regraded to Criterion dvd
Original thread:

Like many, I was disappointed at the change in look when the Do The Right Thing blu-ray came out in comparison to the old Criterion dvd/laserdisc. For a film that was meant to be on the hottest day of the year it now had a very cold, desaturated look to it.

I find the warm look of the Criterion preferrable so I have managed to try an regrade the blu-ray to the old dvd scene-by-scene using Virtual Dub and the naked eye. It's not a perfect match but a lot closer to what I grew up watching.

Please pm me for the download link, have a look and pass on any feedback. I've kept all the original parts from before I put it all back together so can easily edit it if anyone notices any issues/errors.

Thanks given by: The Aluminum Falcon
Nice job Smile
Thanks given by:
Congrats on you first complete project here on fanres!!!

Those interested in "previewing" it should probably contact you via PMWink
Thanks given by:

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