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Disney's Beauty and the Beast [spoRv]
_,,,^..^,,,_ presents: Disney's Beauty and the Beast [spoRv]

[Image: batb_sporv_logo.png]

| PROJECTS: Released | In progress | Future | Mission & Setup |

Mission: to restore Disney's Beauty and the Beast, to recover its original color grading, and to add the laserdisc original soundtrack.
Video sources: analog video captured directly from Laserdisc, using one of the best laserdisc player ever produced, the Pioneer HLD-X9
Audio sources: uncompressed PCM captured directly from Laserdiscs; other soundtracks from BDs and DVDs.
Subtitles sources: subtitles for all languages.
Project info:
"Beauty and the Beast" was released in Blu-ray but, altough its quality is good, is different from the laserdisc; the color grading is not what it should be, and has massive contrast problems; the laserdisc soundtrack is closer to the original Dolby Surround soundtrack than the BD.
Source Material

Video:  Audio:
  • Various BDs and DVDs

  • Various BDs and DVDs

Final format: BD-25


1920x1080, 23.976fps, A.R. 1.66:1, AVC encoded 28mbps

  • English: PCM 2.0 16bit 1536kbps from US LD
  • English: DTS 5.1ch 16bit 1509kbps from US BD
  • French: DD 5.1ch 16bit 640kbps from EUR BD
  • German:  DTS 5.1ch 16bit 1509kbps from EUR BD
  • Italian: DD 5.1ch 16bit 384kbps from PAL DVD
  • Spanish:  DTS 5.1ch 16bit 1509kbps from EUR BD
  • Commentary: DD 2.0ch 16bit 192Kbps from EUR BD

Main feature: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Commentary: English, French, Italian, Spanish


Animated menu, custom front and back covers, disc label

"Partner in crime":
nirbateman - the project promoter, quality control, soundtracks provider and synchronizer... he did so many things, that he should be considered to be the producer of this release... kudos!

Available on a demonic paranoid torrent tracker... -> many thanks to Valeyard for the re-upload!!!
Thanks given by: Atillart , Kreeep
Thanks to Anneleis, I discovered that the German track has some missing words... so he was kind enough to provide me the DVD AC3 track; if there is any intererest, I could release a V1.1 including it.
Thanks given by:
French audio track from PAL laserdisc - that has a different dub from successive editions on DVD or BD:
Thanks given by:
(2015-07-14, 02:56 AM)spoRv Wrote: French audio track from PAL laserdisc - that has a different dub from successive editions on DVD or BD:

I think there has been a little confusion Andrea. It's a AVI file with the 6 first minutes of the french LD^^
Thanks given by:
Sure? Posted by another member, I'm contacting him right now, I'll post updates as soon as I have receveid a reply.
Thanks given by:
Posted right link on post #3:
Thanks given by: Lotto
I should mention that while the French LD has the original mix in french, it is the same dub as the BD.
Thanks given by:
Really? Oh my, it is not only memory that lacks... info are mixed together and I link one to the wrong other... I'M TOO OLD FOR THIS SHEET! Big Grin

By the way, the download link will expire in the next few days, so hurry up, folks!
Thanks given by:
That shouldn't matter, Andrea. I'm sure that some will want the original mix even if there is no change in the dub.

By the way, you're not the only one whose memory isn't what it used to be, as I was telling...

...well, somebody the other day.
Thanks given by:
(2015-07-15, 03:31 PM)spoRv Wrote: Posted right link on post #3:

This time there is two AVI files with the entire movie Andrea Big Grin   

(2015-07-15, 06:23 PM)nirbateman Wrote: I should mention that while the French LD has the original mix in french, it is the same dub as the BD.

The french dubbing is different since the theater re-release of 2002. For example the actors of the characters of Mrs. Potts (Mme Samovar) and Chip (Zip) have been replaced. Some sound effects is missing. The interpreters of the end song have been replaced too...
Thanks given by:

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