Laserdisc DTS List (and OOP DTS DVDs)

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Laserdisc DTS List (and OOP DTS DVDs)
Mad Max (1979) DVD R4
Full bitrate: DTS 5.1 (1536Kb/s)

It's better than BluRay DTS?
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(2016-03-06, 07:02 AM)Jetrell Fo Wrote:
(2016-03-06, 05:00 AM)nafroe Wrote: DTS DVDs I own not mentioned by Jetrell Fo...


Which version is this one?  I don't think I've seen it.


The original DVD release of the 2003 movie with Ben Affleck... Not the greatest movie, and not the most liked by many... But I still have it, haha.
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(2016-03-06, 06:20 PM)nafroe Wrote:
(2016-03-06, 07:02 AM)Jetrell Fo Wrote:
(2016-03-06, 05:00 AM)nafroe Wrote: DTS DVDs I own not mentioned by Jetrell Fo...


Which version is this one?  I don't think I've seen it.


The original DVD release of the 2003 movie with Ben Affleck... Not the greatest movie, and not the most liked by many... But I still have it, haha.

I have it as well. I guess I didn't realize it had DTS. Thanks for the link.
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Just found my DTS DVD of Road To Perdition.
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Sorry I haven't update the list yet guys. Just really busy with life and the Frankenstein audio project.

Thanx to all that are contributing to the list, I'll alphabetize it and everything soonWink
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(2016-03-08, 01:54 AM)jerryshadoe Wrote: Just really busy with...the Frankenstein audio project.

No $hit? Lol! Wink
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LD DTS list updated:

list of full bitrate DVD:

6th Day (JAP)
12 Monkeys (US)
36, Quai des orfèvres (France & Czech French track)
36 Collector's Edition (France) *French Languages only*
1408 R3 (HK)
3,000 Miles from Graceland (Jap)
Abandonned, The (FR)
Adaptation (dts) R2 (Jpn)
Akira (Jap & Taiwan)
Alive - 2 Disc set & CD (JAP) *No English Subtitles
Amelie (Finland)
American Pie - Platinum Edition (GER) *German language track only*
Amistad (US)
Anaconda - Hi-Bit Edition (Jap)
Antz (US)
Apollo 13 (US)
Appleseed (JAP) *No English subs
Armageddon (Jap)
Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery (JAP)
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (JAP)
Aviator (3 disc) LE (HK)
Avalon (JAP & Korean)
Babe (US)
Babel: Premier Edition R2 (Jpn)
Banquet, The (HK)
Basic Instinct (JAP)
Battle Royal (HK)
Battle Royale Special Edition: Director's Cut Starmax (Korea)
Being John Malkovich (Jap)
Below (FRA, POL)
Blade (Jap)
Bless the child (JAP)
Blues Brother 2000 (US)
Blue Light, the (Denmark)
Boogeyman (HK)
Boondock Saints, the SE (Scandinavia)
Born on the Forth of July (US)
Boxer, the (US)
Brokeback Mountain: Premium Edition R2 (Jpn)
Bulletproof Monk Scanbox Ltd (Denmark)
Butterfly Effect, the Director's cut (Denmark)
Butterfly Lovers 40 (Taiwan)
Card Player aka 'Karetni Hrac' (Czech)
Casshern DTS-ES (JAP & Thailand)
Cell, the (JAP)
Children of Men: Premuim Edition R2 (JAP)
Chinese Tall Story, A (Avant-Garde edition) 96/24 (HK)
Chocolat (JAP)
Chronicles Of Riddick,the 'Theatrical cut' (Thailand)
Chuck Berry Hail Hail Rock'n'Roll (US)
Cider House Rules the (Japan)
City by the sea (JAP)
Classic, the (JAP)
Classic, the Music Box Edition (JAP)
Cliffhanger (JAP)
Code 46 R2 (Scan)
Cooler, the (UK)
Constant Gardener, The R2 (Jpn)
Core, The (Jap)
Crimson River 2, the (FR) *French lanuage track only*
Curry and Pepper (Golden Collection) (HK)
Cursed (HK)
Cutthroat Island (Jap)
Dancer in the Dark (JAP)
Dances With Wolves (Jap, UK, Korea & US)
Dante's Peak (US)
Day After Tomorrow (R6)
Daylight (US)
Dead End Run (Jap)
Dead Fish (Scandinavia)
Death Proof (HK)
Death Sentence (HK)
Death Watch (Sweden)
Departed, The (HK) (CN)
Der Untergang-The Downfall (France) *german language track only*
Der Untergang Extended Edition 3 disc (NL)
Descent, the (UK)
Devil Wears Prada, The (R6)
Die Hard (HK)
Die Hard 2 (HK
Die Hard 3 (HK
Die Hard 4.0 (HK)
Dobermann (FR)
Dog Soldiers (Sweden & Denmark)
DOA dead or alive (HK)
DON GIOVANNI (3 Disc) (France)
Double Agent (HK)
Dracula 2000 (JAP)
Dragonheart (US)
Dragon Tiger Gate (HK)
Dune (AU)
Dune: Director's Cut (mini-series) (US)
Eagles Hell Freezes Over (US)
Eagles-the farewell tour part 1 (US)
EDtv (US)
Edward Scissorhands (R6)
Enemy at the Gates (UK)
Equilibrium (French)
Eragon (HK)
Evil Dead (French)
Evil Dead: 20th Anniversary Edition R2 (Jpn)
Evita (Australia) - New Version
Fantastic 4 (HK)
Fantastic 4 and the Rise of the Silver Surfer (HK)
Fear dot com (JAP)
Fifth Element, the (UK)
Flashpoint -- R0 (HK)
Final Cut (Scandinavia)
Flintstones, the (US)
For Richer or Poorer (US)
Fredy Vs Jason (EDKO) DTS-ES (HK)
Frequency (Jap)
First Blood SE (JAP)
Fulltime Killer (Denamrk)
Galaxy Quest (US)
Gackt - Live Tour 2004 the Sixth Day and Seventh Night (JAP)
Ghosts of The Abyss (Jap)
G.I. Jane Jupitor Gold Ed (Scandinavia)
Ginger Snaps (Sweden)
Girl with a Pearl Earring (HK)
Godsend deluxe edition Scanbox Ltd (Denmark)
Goldfrapp Supernature (SACD) bonus DVD
Great Raid, the (HK)
Great Yokai War, The. (HK)
H (Hypnosis) (Denmark)
Hannibal Rising: Premium Edition R2 (Jpn)
Happy Feet (KOR)
Hardball (dts) R2 (Jpn)
Hard Rain (JAP & Korean)
Harts War (Jap)
Head in the clouds (Japan)
Hero (JAP)
Hostage (Ger) *German language track only*
House of flying Daggers (HK & UK)
I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (Scandinavia)
Il Mare-The Perfect Collection (JAP)
Imposter (JAP)
In Enemy Hands (HK)
In The Mood For Love (JAP)
In the mouth of madness (JAP)
Infernal Affairs (Denmark)
Infernal Affairs Trilogy LE BOSickHK & korea)
Infernal Affairs Trilogy: Complete Collector's Edition (Indonesia)
Initial D (R3)
Insomnia R3 (Taiwan)
Interview with the Vampire (US)
Jackal, The (US)
Jacket, The (HK)
Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (R2/Scandinavia)
Jean Michel Jarre - Jarre in China (R2, R3, R4, R5)
Jeepers Creepers (Finland)
Jeepers Creepers - Platinum Edition (GER) *German language track only*
Jiang Hu - Blood Brothers (HK)
Johnny Mnemonic (Scan)
John Q R2 (Jpn)
Ju-on (KOREA)
Ju-on 2 (HK)
Just Friends (Scan)
Kill Bill Vol.1 (Croatia)
L.A. Confidential (JP)
Ladder 49: Premuim Edition R2 (Jpn)
Lake Placid (Jap)
La Mentale R2 'The Code' (France) *French language track only*
L'empire des loups (France)
Les Rivieres Pourpres 'The Crimson Rivers' (France) *French language track only*
Les Rivieres Pourpres (JAP) *French subtitles - No English subs
Les Rivieres Pourpres 2 (JAP) *French subtitles - No English subs
Lethal Weapon (US)
Lethal Weapon 2 (US)
Lethal Weapon 3 (US)
Liar, Liar (US)
Little Rascals (US)
Lord of War (Sweden)
Machinist, the Scanbox Ltd (Denmark)
Madhouse (HK)
Mad Max (Roadshow) (AUS)
Man Apart, A (Taiwan)
Man on Fire: Premium Edition R2 (Jpn)
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Hi-Bit Edition (JAP)
Matador, the (Scandinavia)
Michael Vaillant DTS-ES (JAP)
Monster Scanbox Ltd (Denmark)
Moon Child LE (JAP)
Mouse Hunt (US)
Memento (NL)
Memories LE (Taiwan) *No English subtitles
Mercury Rising (US)
Mist, The (dts) R3 (HK)
Monster: Premium Edition R2 (Jpn)
Mr and Mrs Smith (FR)
Mullholland Drive Scanbox Ltd (Denmark)
My Neighbors the Yamadas (JAP)
Myth, the (Avant-Garde editions only) (HK)
Natural City (KOREA)
Nest, The (Nid de Guepes) (FR)
Neon Genesis Evangelion LE (Taiwan)
Ninth Gate, the (digipack) Scanbox Ltd (Denmark)
Nin X Nin (JAP)
Notting Hill (Jap)
Novocaine (GER) *German lanuage track only
Nowhere To Hide SE (Korea)
Nutty Professor, The (US)
Odoru daisosasen The Movie 1&2 Hi-Bit Twin Edition (JAP)
One Missed Call DTS-ES (HK)
Ong Bak DTS-ES (JAP)
Open Season R6 (CN)
Open Water DTS-ES (HK& Denmark)
Original sin (JAP)
Others, the (JAP, Finland Portugal & Denmark)
Out of Sight (US)
Out of time (Japan & Taiwan)
Owls Castle (JAP)
Pan's Labyrinth (HK)
Passion of the Christ (UK, PT, CAN)
Patch Adams (US)
Pathfinder (Extended Edition) (UK)
Paulie (US)
Peacemaker, The (US)
Phantom of the Opera DTS-ES (HK)
Pitch Black (JAP)
Planet Terror (HK)
Primary Colors (US)
Prince of Egypt, The (US)
Promise, the 'Deltamac' (HK)
Punch-Drunk Love: dts Collector's Edition R2 (Jpn)
Queen - Greatest Video Hits Vol.1 DTS 96/24 (UK)
Queen - Live at the Bowl (US)
Queen - Live at Wembley (US)
Queen / Paul Rodgers - Live: Return Of The Champions (R2)
Queen - We Will Rock You (US)
Quick And The Dead, The - Hi-Bit Edition (JAP)
Rain Man (R6)
Rambo Trilogy Collectors Edition (JAP)
Rambo SE (JAP)
Rambo 3 SE (JAP)
Re-Animator - Millenium Edition (US)
[REC] (UK)
Reindeer Games (JAP)
Resurrection Of The Little Match Girl (Denmark)
Reservoir Dogs (Jap)
Resident Evil (BELGIUM)
Resident Evil II Apocalypse (HK)
Resident Evil: Extinction R3 (HK)
Ring, the (US movie) (JAP)
Ring 2, the (US movie) (Jap)
Ringu (JAP) Hi-Bit edition
River Wild, The (US)
S1mone: Deluxe Edition R2 (Jpn)
Sahara (JAP)
Saw (2 disc) rated & Unrated edition (DEN, KOR)
Saw 2 (JAP & NL)
SAW 4 [dts-es] R3 (HK)
Scream 3 (JAP)
Seabiscuit Premium Edition (JAP)
Secret R6 (CN)
Seoul Hi-Bit Edition DTS-ES (JAP)
Seven Swords (Limited Collector's Edition) (HK)
Shadow, the (US) Full screen
Shorin Soccer International Version (JAP)
Show Girls (JAP& Korean)
Shutter DTS-ES (HK)
Silent Hill (HK)
Sin City: Premium Edition (First Press) (JAP)
Sixth sense, the (JAP)
Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow DTS-ES (JPN, HK & Denmark, Scandinavia)
Slash (Sweden)
Sleepers (JAP)
Sleepy Hollow - Platinum Edition (GER) *German language track only*
Sleepy Hollow (JAP)
Slither (HK)
Small Soldiers (US)
Soldier (JAP)
Snakes on a Plane (HK)
Spider-man 3 (IND)
Spy Kids (JAP)
Spy kids 2 (JAP)
Stargate (JAP)
Steamboy (Taiwan) *No English subtitles
Straight Story, The (Jap)
Supergirl (JAP)
Suriyothai Director's Cut (Thailand)
Survive style 5 (JAP)
Symphony For Formosa (Taiwan)
Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance (Denmark)
Taegukgi (HK)
Talented Mr Ripley, the (JAP)
Taxi R2 (Hungary) *Hungarian language track only*
Taxi 3 DTS-ES (JAP)
Tell Me Something (Denmark)
Terminator 2 (JAP Orange slip-case edition)
Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines - Premium Edition (JAP)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Remake (HK)
Thin Red Line, the (JAP & US)
Tokyo Godfathers (Taiwan)
Tombraider Premium Edition (Japan)
Total Recall (Jap)
T.R.4 HiBit Edition (JAP)
Trainspotting Definitive Collection (UK)
Transporter, The DTS-ES (Jap)
Tube (Denmark)
Twilight Samurai, the (UK)
Twister (US)
U-571 (Belgium, Czech republic, Hungary, Russia, Croatia, Bulgary, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Japan)
Underworld Extended Version DTS-ES (JAP)
Universal Soldier (JAP & UK)
Uninvited, the (Denmark)
Versus Ultimate Edition DTS-ES (JAP)
Vidocq Scanbox Ltd (Denmark)
Vidocq (Belgium) *French Languages only*
Virus (US)
Virus (JAP) : Kinji Fukasaku movie
Volcano High (Sweden)
Watcher, the (HK)
Waterworld (US)
Way of the gun, the (JAP)
White Noise (HK)
Wicker park Scanbox Ltd (Denmark)
Who am I (JAP)
Windtalkers (JAP)
Wolf Creek (Denmark)
Yards, the (JAP)
Fundamental collection thread | Vimeo channel | My personal blog
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Andrea, would you post the updated LD list here. Some of us aren't welcome @ OT anymore.
For new members: Please do not ask where to get something. Participate in the forum, talk to people, make friends. Then someone will help you find what you want.
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(2018-04-15, 02:30 AM)Jetrell Fo Wrote: Andrea, would you post the updated LD list here.  Some of us aren't welcome @ OT anymore.

Fundamental collection thread | Vimeo channel | My personal blog
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